Soon After Posting Photo To Facebook, She Was Getting Nonstop Frantic Calls From Friends

Updated February 22, 2017

When one social media user decided to take a day off with her boyfriend, they went to an isolated field in Three Sisters Park in Evergreen, Colorado and enjoyed nature together. While he was standing under a tree, the man’s girlfriend snapped a cute photo.

But it took the boyfriend’s son to notice something strange about the image. That’s when the boy took to Reddit to share the odd photo that his dad’s girlfriend took under the username his daddy_sprinkles.

Because the Reddit user’s dad is camera shy, the man’s girlfriend needed to snap a candid photo in order to document their lovely day together. He isn’t one for taking selfies.

The woman ended up capturing a lot more than just her boyfriend and the beautiful Colorado scenery. She caught something terrifying lurking in the tall grass. Do you see it?

While she had no idea that something was there during the photo session, it was only later that the girlfriend noticed the nightmare in the background – and by that time the Reddit user had already shared it online.

According to the boy who shared the image: “My dad and his girlfriend were walking around Alderfer/Three Sisters Park in Evergreen, CO (which is in the Rocky Mountains). My pops hates having his picture taken so his gf was sneaking a pic on her phone from a ways back. She had zoomed in a bit. That’s why the photo is not very clear. There was no one behind him when she took the photo. And my dad also just walked by and said no one was around. They didn’t notice the figure until they got home.”

The woman had used her iPhone to take a live video and in it, you can see the figure moving. It seems to be approaching the man in the green shirt from behind.

After realizing that some creepy thing had been stalking them, the couple returned to the same spot in order to see if they could catch it in the act again.

A creepy figure behind my Dad

But it was nowhere to be seen.

Plus, when they returned to the site, they saw that the grass was not nearly high enough to hide a person. And if the person was standing up, there was no way they’d be hidden – not even a small child…

Here’s what people wrote in the comments of the video on Reddit.

“That’s really interesting. Like a lot of other people say, looks like a kid stalking through the grass. He kind of looks like he’s sitting on his heels (like when kids imitate dogs) and crawling forward with his hands and knees.”

“That is creepy as all get out. It looks like a teenage boy in a grey shirt just kind of crouching in the grass… was there a drop down there or is that only knee-length or so grass?”

“Wow, that really creeps me out. Maybe when you go you could try to do a little evp session?”

“I wonder if it’s a wild turkey. A male turkey could be roughly the same size and shape.”

What do you think is behind the man in the grass?

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