State Passes New Law To Severely Punish Protestors Who Purposely Block Traffic

Updated April 13, 2017

For several years now, America has been divided on the issue of race. While the Black Lives Matter camp wants police to change the way they deal with the public, the Blue Live Matter group believes that the police are doing the best they can. Neither side seems willing to listen to the other and reconcile their differences.

But the Black Lives Matter group continues to take things too far. While they protest every small action and take up signs and banners at every opportunity they can, they recently did something in Minnesota that the government is pushing back against.

And now that the Minnesota House made it clear they won’t tolerate this type of protest from the Black Lives Matter camp, the house hopes it strikes them where it hurts – their wallets.

On Monday, Minnesota’s house voted to stiffen financial penalties for the civil rights protestors who block traffic on the highway and other major roads. Because they’re stopping the flow of traffic and prevent people from getting to their jobs, the government is stepping in to squelch the protest.

The new punishment was put forth before the representatives as part of a public safety package. The new law makes blocking a highway a “gross misdemeanor” and will be punishable by up to a $3,000 fine or a year in jail, maximum. Let’s see if the protestors continue to block traffic after this action.

Although the state’s Democratic lawmakers and members of the resistance tried to block the vote, they miserably failed. It passed in a landslide 56-75.

One of the men who spearheaded the bill, GOP representative Tony Cornish supports the Blue Live Matter group. In his official legislative photo, you can see him sporting a lapel pin with a pair of handcuffs as a shout out to the brave men and women who protect and serve their communities.

Because Tony Cornish believes that local tax dollars should not be spent to break up groups of protestors. He claims that the government is losing money protecting itself and the citizens from the increasingly militant Black Lives Matter protestors.

“Cities and counties are forced to waste their tax dollars not only to protect property and remove and transport these lawbreakers, but to clean up the damage they create,” Cornish said.

Minnesota is not the only state suffering from increasing amounts of Black Lives Matter rallies. The numbers of these protestors keeps growing and has spiked since Donald Trump took office. Police officers in large southern cities like Miami, Austin, and Atlanta have had to deal with similar blockades. They’ve shut down major highways because protestors refuse to get out of the way.

Not only do these protestors make it inconvenient for the public to commute to work or get to important meetings, they also block emergency vehicles. This could lead to the death of someone in dire need of rescuing.

Minnesota did the right thing standing up against this barbaric practice of protesting.

Do you think more states should try to shut down these protests?

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