Steve Found Out Contestant Is Terminally Ill, His Response Is Why He Is So Loved [video]

Updated May 9, 2017

Steve Harvey has become one of America’s most beloved television stars. His outgoing and hilarious personality mesh well with his giant heart, and he is always committing acts of kindness, even if they are not always public.

But we just found a fantastic clip of steve Harvey speaking with his audience before a taping, where he tells the most incredible story. If you are a fan of Steve Harvey now, you will absolutely adore him after you watch this video clip.

Ever since Steve Harvey became the host of the classic game show “Family Feud” in 2010, he has kept the laughs coming at a fast and furious pace, reenergizing one of America’s most beloved television programs.

But in this rare, pre-taping warm up with an audience on the set of his talk show, he tells a story about one contestant in particular who had a most unusual response to winning twenty thousand dollars.

Steve begins by telling the crowd that the contestant and his family had been on Family Feud for three straight days but had not been able to win the grand prize. Finally, they won twenty thousand dollars, at which time, the family patriarch fell to his knees in uncontrollable tears.

As they cut to a commercial break, Steve Harvey helped the man up and asked him why he was so overcome.

The man then confided in Harvey that he was terminally ill and that his doctors had only given him three more months to live. He had been denied health insurance that might have saved his life, and the money he had won that day would go to help his family after he was gone.

After the show was over, Steve Harvey was so taken with the contestant’s story, that he gave him another twenty five thousand dollars of his own to help the family.

And THAT is why folks like Steve Harvey are so admired. His selfless giving brought a measure of hope to a family in need and he did not even hesitate to step in.

People just love this story and have taken to social media to share their thoughts, saying things like:

“What a great man Steve is. Hope the family is doing great despite having a terminally husband/father.”- Muhd Khairil

“Its a beautiful thing when the right pple make it big, and help those that truly need it!”- bkBella bell

“I love you Steve Harvey! I think you are so funny but more importantly than that I think you are a wonderful person! God Bless You!”- Shirley Ping

“I had to shed a tear or two, you are a blessing keep doing what you are doing.”- Theodore Thomas

“God bless you Steve. its good when people share their blessings. love it.”- Bana Petite

“What an amazing gesture of kindness and love. Thank you Steve Harvey for setting an example for all of us. God bless this man and his family.”- Hrdwr Guy

“We have to be grateful for every little thing. sometimes we see people do some things and we would not even understand what they are going through. God forever bless you Steve.”- Nicola Davis

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