Steve Harvey Has Been Keeping a Secret From His Wife His Entire Life. What He Finally Admits? WOW

Updated May 19, 2016

If you turn on the TV during the day, you’re bound to find Steve Harvey on it. The man is not only the host of Family Feud, but several other programs as well. Needless to say, Harvey has had a prolific career as a comedian and television personality.

But Steve Harvey didn’t always live the charmed life. Before he met his wife, Marjorie, he was in a bad state. She helped pull him out of a deep depression and show him the light of life again.

Leave it to Harvey to share a special tribute to this woman on none other than Mother’s Day.

In front of the entire crowd, Harvey explains that as soon as he set eyes on Marjorie he was crazy about her.

“From the moment I saw you, when you walked into that comedy club that night, and the first thing I said to you ever was ‘I don’t know who you are, lady. But I’m gonna marry you one day.’”

Steve carried through with his promise and now the couple is raising SEVEN children together. Four from Steve’s previous marriages, and three from hers.

Because of Marjorie, Steve’s son has become an A student. Without her help, he would have remained on a troubling track.

Watch the heartwarming moment in the video below when Harvey shares his love for his wife in front of the entire audience.

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