Steve’s Convinced Audience Member Is His Twin He Never Knew About, Pulls Him On Stage For Comparison

Updated July 12, 2017

Chances are you’ve been told that you look “exactly like” so and so, whether it be a celebrity or a friend of another person. We’ve all been pulled aside and asked, “Hey are you related to…?” A lot of people believe that everyone has a twin, but would you recognize your doppelganger if you saw them?

Well-known talk show host, Steve Harvey came face-to-face with his very own doppelganger and it even made him second guess his identity. Harvey is known for his easy sense of humor, his quick wit, and his amplified facial expressions, so he’s certainly hard to miss in a crowd. He is quite the individual, but one day while he was on the set of his show, he was caught off guard when he looked out into the audience. He couldn’t help but see a familiar face and for a brief moment, he may have thought that he was looking in the mirror. A guest of the show had an uncanny resemblance to the talk show host and Harvey had to call him out on it.

In the video below, you can witness Harvey and his doppelganger meeting for the first time.  The camera captures the exact moment when Harvey notices the man and he immediately starts laughing. His doppelganger breaks out into that big Steve Harvey grin and starts laughing right along with him before Harvey calls the man up on stage. The two hug like they are long lost twin brothers.

“It’s me! It’s me!” says Harvey as he hugs the man tightly. “Mama, it’s me!”

The man goes on to tell the Harvey and the audience that he gets mistaken for him all the time and people even try to sneak photos of him in public.

“Me and my wife went on a cruise together and we had people following us around. Even the DJ put the spotlight on us and said, ‘We have a celebrity in the house – Steve Harvey!'” said the man.

Harvey then asked the man’s wife to stand up in the audience. He told her she was the second luckiest woman in the world and the audience broke out into laughter. It was obvious that Harvey

It was obvious that Harvey was completely taken aback by the incident and he kept hugging the man and telling him he loved him.

Viewers commented on how identical the two look…

“When I saw the thumbnail previews, I couldn’t tell them apart.”

And some wondered if Harvey would have the man back on the show for a celebrity look alike special…

“Hey, I have a question. it’s stupid but maybe be true I don’t know. Does Steve and this guy still in contact with each other cause they cliqued quick. I don’t know if they are but Steve needs to bring him back to do a similar person deal. One where normal people that look exactly or similar to another celebrity actually meet each other. Nothing big just one or two other stars get together with Steve and does it. Use him as an example and bring him back one more time.”