Store Comes Under Fire For Posting Sign With Rule On Door, Refuses To Take It Down

Updated November 10, 2017

A comedian in Philadelphia posted a sign in a grocery store, the content of which made many people unhappy.

Jay Jay McGuire, known as “The Philly Offensive,” shared a photo on Facebook of the sign he posted in a store, but later deleted it after he came under fire. The sign read: “We are no longer accepting EBT. Please use cash or credit. If you do not have cash or credit then maybe its time to get a job.”

As you’d expect, this message was not well received by many, as there are people who need assistance and it’s not just a matter of getting a job.

The Frisky reports that, “According to the USDA, 20 percent of people receiving SNAP benefits are elderly or disabled. 75 percent of SNAP recipient households include a child, an elderly person or a disabled person.”

Further, according to a report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, The Frisky notes that, “Among SNAP households with at least one working-age, non-disabled adult, more than half work while receiving SNAP—and more than 80 percent work in the year prior to or the year after receiving SNAP. The rates are even higher for families with children—more than 60 percent work while receiving SNAP, and almost 90 percent work in the prior or subsequent year.”

Those weighing in with comments on the Mad World News’ Facebook coverage of the comedian’s sign weren’t all that impressed, with one person noting: “I pray that these people who think food stamps are for lazy people will never be in the position needing assistance. Most of the food stamp recipients paid into the system when they were working.”

Of course, it also kicked up a lively debate, with one person commenting: “Those who need the help are one thing, but those abusing the taxpayers because they are to lazy to work should be kicked off.”

Another person responded with this thoughtful answer to explain why it’s not quite that easy: “And just how is this supposed to be determined? Because they ‘look’ like they can work or because they ‘buy’ food that others don’t think they deserve to eat because of their financial means? Do you really think someone is going to actually say ‘I’m too lazy to work and I want free hand outs?’”

One person offered this perspective directed at those commenters who make assumptions about people in need, as they explained: “Not everyone on foodstamps is lazy. Lots of them have jobs. Or are disabled and can’t work. Just because there are those that are lazy and only want someone to pay for everything does not mean they all are…Maybe some day you can have the pleasure of not being able to pay bills and buy food at the same time. And I hope someone makes fun of you and calls you lazy. And before the rest of you all decide to tell me how wrong I am, go talk to some senior citizens or someone who lost their job. Then get back to me.”