Store Owner Pulls His Gun On Three Armed Criminals, Turns Their Day Into A Living Hell

Updated November 13, 2017

The surveillance footage included here shows the moment a general store owner in Louisiana uses his firearm to protect his store from three would-be robbers.

In the footage, you’ll see how the clerk takes out his handgun and starts unloading bullets at the trio of armed robbers as they try to take advantage of him.

The footage begins with the three hooded robbers lurking outside the store. Then they enter. One holds a gun in his hands. But the man behind the counter of the Lee Rays General Store in Wardville, Louisiana is ready to teach them a lesson in personal responsibility.

According to the footage, the robbers threaten the man behind the counter, who is the owner Frank Issa. But Issa is not about to let this trio rob him blind. He is prepared to use his second amendment right to guard himself against their threat to his life and his livelihood.

After the incident was over, Issa spoke to KALB about what happened. He said that the three robbers came into his general store and demanded money from the register. But he did not want to hand it over without a fight. He had worked hard to make that money and didn’t want these people taking it from him.

During the video, you’ll see one of the armed robbers jumping onto the counter. He then points his firearm at the back of the store. He wants to get another employee’s attention.

Issa’s brother knew what he had to do. He distracted the three would-be robbers for a moment. Then Issa dove behind the counter and retrieved his firearm. Within seconds, he started shooting at the attempted robbers to scare them out of the shop.

He rises from behind the counter and then unloads his handgun at the robbers.

The robbers appear to get away without taking any bullets. They flee from the store and run to safety.

But Issa has a different story. He thinks he shot one of the criminals in the stomach and another in the arm.

Sheriff William Earl Hilton confirmed the general store owner’s story. One suspect is in the hospital. The other has been treated for the gunshot wound and released to the custody of his parents. The third robber? Well, the police are stilling hunting for him. The third suspect was not seen on the store camera and did not get shot.

Readers of Daily Mail shared their thoughts about this store owner’s response to the armed robbery.

“If the owner didn’t have a gun, he’d be dead.”

“Gun owner needs to spend a little more time on the range. Otherwise, he did well.”

“What’s disturbing is the idiots tried to rob the store. I don’t like guns & believe our country needs more strict gun laws, but I’m glad that man was able to defend himself & the customers.”

“All is fun and games until the lead starts flying.”

Take a look at this video to see the action unfold. What do you think about the store owner’s response to the armed robbers? Did he do good?