Strange Creature Man Filmed Outside Of His House Has Finally Been Identified (video)

Updated July 11, 2017

When Danish Ho was taking a hike with his family, he came upon a slithering creature that he thought upon first glance was a snake. But he was completely wrong. The long, slimy beast was actually a hammerhead worm known for jamming its mouth inside prey and tears itself apart to reproduce. Because he was horrified by the scary thing, Ho took out his smartphone and began recording. The video below, which was shot in Malaysia’s southern Johor state is a species recently been invading the United States and Europe. But the clip Ho captured has already gotten more than 10 million views – because it is that strange.

Take a look at the behemoth worm in the video below. It is a thing straight out of a horror flick. It can give even the toughest strongmen goosebumps.

What’s most disturbing is how the worm has a head like a hammerhead shark. And the video below is so intriguing, millions have watched it just like you will too.

The worm is the world’s largest species of flatworm. It is gigantic for an invertebrate. And Ho was horrified to come upon it.

Ho snapped pictures of it as well that were viewed many times in Malysia. Along with the pictures, he wrote: “What kind of snake is this?”

A commenter quickly informed him that it is not a snake but the world’s scariest planarian species. It is carnivorous and destructive – even to itself.

Like a beast from a best-selling science fiction story, the worm has a hammerhead shaped head and uses it brutally. The worm traps prey with its sticky slime. Then it likes on top of the victim sucking its juices from it. Then it jams its large pharynx into its disabled victim. And that’s only the beginning of the horrors it commits.

If the hammerhead worm has nothing to eat, it will eat itself. It digests its own tissues even those intended to act as reproductive organs. The hammerhead worm has no respect for life as we know it.

As mentioned, the hammerhead worm’s list of horrors isn’t complete yet. The creature does lay eggs. But it also reproduces through “fragmentation.” This means that the hammerhead worm tears pieces of itself from its body and waits for the detached section to grow a new head within ten days. Then both worms go about their business terrorizing their prey.

This creature has no respiratory system. It has no circulatory system. It has no skeleton. And its mouth doubles as its anus, the Australian Geographic reports. This thing is truly like an alien creature. And maybe it did come from somewhere else.

Viewers like you are equally horrified.

“Ew stop it. 100% nightmares for me tonight. I sleep on the second floor and I still had to go and close the window… in the United Kingdom!”

“I shouldn’t find this any more repulsive than other insects (or whatever worms are), but YUCK! That would make me scream if I found one.”

Others find the humor in the hammerhead worm’s horribleness.

“Still smarter than Bernie or Hillary.”

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