Strange Eggs Are Showing Up In People’s Yards And Someone Finally Got The Hatching On Film

Updated May 18, 2017

Across the world, people are spotting strange eggs in their backyards. As they keep their eyes on these strange objects, they watch them begin to move and morph. Soon enough, a strange alien-like thing breaks free and extends its fingers up toward the sky. Is it calling the mother ship down to the earth? Is it asking you for something? In truth, these “devil fingers” are a strange fungus that is common in Australia and England.

Although the clathrus archeri is a thing of nature, if you see one hatching in front of your eyes, you might disagree. While this is a “natural” thing, most people who come across them freak out. They are terrifying if you don’t know what they are. But after reading this post, you won’t jump out of your skin if you see an alien-like hand reaching out of the earth in your backyard…

The fungus starts its life cycle in a normal way. It appears like an egg. Its shape resembles one of those mushrooms that you might step on and create a cloud of dust.

But give it a moment and this “normal” thing will begin to morph before your eyes. It quickly becomes something of a horror film.

Either the famous Ridley Scott movie is not fiction, or Scott was on to something that was way ahead of his time.

But then fingers begin to poke out of the egg. These hideous black and pink tentacles reach up toward the sky. They’re slimy looking and not something you’d want to touch wit bare skin.

While this fungus might look like an evil monster, it is not as terrifying as you’d think. Actually, it is relatively harmless.

But in the YouTube video below, you’ll see a time lapse of the Devil fingers, also known as the octopus fungus, hatching and growing into full maturity. Even though you know that it is harmless, it is hard not to squirm while watching the clip.

5 million people like you have watched the 30-seconds of footage included below. And many of them have shared their fears with us in the comments. The following are rated the most popular:

“this made me extremely uneasy.”

“that’s not horrifying or anything.”

“looks like a face-hugger from aliens!!!!!”

“Maybe the most amazing Fungus but not the most beautiful.”

“That actually looks quite sinister! So that’s where the Alien xenomorphs were copied from! Cool!”

“This mushroom regularly shows grows in our garden and I can confirm it is completely harmless. Though now that I think about it, each time this shows up several local dogs disappear without a trace. But I am sure it is unrelated… I hope.”

“The zerg are invading our planet. They shall feel the wrath of the Terran Marine Corps!” wrote one referring to a popular Blizzard game called Starcraft.

Does this fungus give you the creeps? Or would you just walk away from it if it popped up in your backyard?

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