Stranger Drives Two Hours To Help Police Look For Missing Girl, Ends Up The Hero

Updated November 10, 2017

Serenity Dawn Sanders, who is three, recently turned up missing in Alabama. It was a Thursday night when her loved ones last saw her, but it did not take long for the child to be returned to her family thanks to the efforts of a family friend.

On Thursday night, the child’s mother called family friend Eric Gilbreath is a complete panic because she had no idea where her child was. Gilbreath decided that he could not just let this situation go without being handled. He volunteered his own time to go out and search for the child.

He told the media that the call from Serenity’s mom terrified him and that his heart just fell to the floor when he learned that Serenity was missing. He says that the first thought he had was that he had to hit the road and get out there to look for the child. He further stated that he did not plan to give up until she was found.

Gilbreath does not live in the same area as Serenity and her mom, however. His home is about two hours away, but he knew that he had to put his own life aside for a while and make the trip to where they live so that he could get out there and help.

He remembered that close to Serenity’s home was a wooded area and he started his search there once he got to town. He grabbed a flashlight and headed into the dark woods all by himself. He walked the woods for a few hours looking for the child and he eventually came upon her. She was with the family dog, so thankfully she was not completely alone in the woods at night.

Gilbreath says that the dog never left her side. When he found her, she was standing behind a tree. He and Serenity made their ways out of the woods, but it took a little while to get out because neither could remember the exact path to take. Gilbreath got creative and decided to guide them out using his hearing. He listened out for signs of life, such as a police car siren. He started taking them toward that noise because he knew that the cop car had to be out of the woods.

He took the time to remind the child never to go anywhere without her mother. Once the two emerged from the woods, it was clear that while she might have been a little scared, she was unharmed. However, to ensure that no injuries had happened, Serenity did make a trip to the hospital to be checked out by a doctor.

This is one of those stories that really warms your heart because it shows that there are people out there that will drop anything to help when someone is in need. Gilbreath is truly a hero and Serenity and her mom will never forget what he did to bring the child home safely. Thankfully, she was fine and Gilbreath was able to guide her out of the woods safely.