Stranger Is Being Hailed A Hero After Police Dash Cam Footage Goes Viral

Updated June 12, 2017

Seizures are a terrifying problem. Not only does the sufferer lose control of their body for the duration of the episode, if it happens while they’re operating a vehicle or heavy machinery, it could quickly become deadly. That’s what was about to happen in Illinois the other day. From the dashcam view of a Dixon Police officer’s cruiser, you will see Good Samaritan Randy Tompkins does the unthinkable. Once the vehicle in question blows through a red light, Tompkins realizes that the driver is suffering a seizure at the wheel. He pulls his truck over to the side of the road, gets out and sprints toward the out-of-control vehicle. He then dives through the passenger-side window and puts the runaway car in park. Not only did he save the life of the driver experiencing the seizure, Tompkins also prevented a lot of property damage…

Although police were trailing the runaway vehicle, they were unaware that the driver was suffering a seizure. Instead, they wondered if the driver was drunk or simply out of control from falling asleep at the wheel.

It was only Tompkins who had the awareness and the skill to stop the vehicle.

To be able to make the jump into the car like a stunt man in a movie is an amazing accomplishment. Tompkins certainly has agility and strength and presence of mind to know how to handle a dangerous situation.

Readers from across the internet have shared their comments on the amazing rescue. Here are just a few shared on Daily Mail:

“Now that’s what I am talking about. Every so often a real American steps up to the plate and all the evil things going on pale in comparison to such a brave and heroic and totally selfless act. A long life filled with peace and joy to you, sir, and thank you,” wrote a fan of the hero.

“Glad it worked out okay, but to stop your truck and back it up on a 4 lane road is not the smartest thing I’ve ever seen done. Anyone else wondering how he worked out what was going on so quickly?” asked one reader.

“So the driver is being followed by the police and it took a member of the public to sort it out? Well done that man!”

“Randy Tompkins, you’re my hero. Nothing like being awake and perceptive on the road AND acting upon it. Bless you,” shared another fan.

“Two cops following the car which was going very slow. Why didn’t they pull ahead of the car and either let it run into their car or one of them do what the bystander did?”

“Yes, it was heroic, but I wonder why the hero was driving backwards on the wrong side of the street? Take a look at the video,” one viewer called out.

What do you think about this Illinois hero who saved a life with his risky maneuver?

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