Strangers Stop Drunk Driver Before She Kills Someone, Then Cops Run Her Name In The System

Updated September 7, 2017

A trio of women took it upon themselves to stop a drunk driver, but it required them to sacrifice their own car for others’ safety.

The women filmed themselves following a driver for nine minutes on a Florida highway, capturing footage of the woman, Brittany Sharp, weaving between lanes, hitting curbs, coming close to other cars, and dangerously swerving.

They eventually forced Sharp to rear-end their vehicle as an attempt to stop her from continuing to drive. Sharp crashed into their vehicle while they called 911 and posted a Facebook Live video of the incident. Thanks to the women’s efforts, Sharp slammed into their car and other cars then blocked her in to make sure she would stay put until the police arrived.

In the video, one of the women was heard saying that she thought Sharp was asleep at the wheel.

Sharp was later arrested and charged with driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license and careless driving.

Those who weighed in with comments on The Daily Mail‘s coverage of the story applauded the women, with one person writing: “Good work by the ladies. Good chance they saved some lives” and another commenting: “Wow, pretty scary situation!”

Another person, however, was a little too focused on their language, writing: “Good job girls. Seriously though, the language isn’t becoming of women. Of all the words in the English language, why do most people turn to those words? I hate to hear men talk like that but it is so much worse to hear it from women.”

Another person noted: “I honestly feel sorry for this woman – she needs help. Thank God those people stopped her – the entire community came together and surely lives were saved because of this.”

Others pointed to how long the women were on the phone before law enforcement arrived, with one person noting: “The police said that they don`t advise people trying to stop drunk drivers but they were on the phone to the police for nine minutes and nothing happened. If they did not take the action that they did, when the police finally arrived, they could be dealing with a death or two. I really hope that this does not affect their insurance. It should not because the driver should have been able to stop.”

Another added: “Jesus, where is the highway patrol? They were on the phone with dispatch for NINE MINUTES and no HP anywhere in sight? Hell, in Cali, I can’t throw a rock without hitting a CHP patrol unit on the highway. If you call dispatch about a drunk driver, you can bet your last dollar that there will be two or three patrol cars zooming up on your a$$ within minutes!”

When others pointed to the dangerous situation, one commenter explained: “I applaud them for sacrificing themselves in trying to avert a tragedy. The drunk had slowed down enough for them to get ahead and stop her while enduring only a fairly minor tap on the bumper. All’s well that ended well.”