Syrian Rebel Member Grabs Cell Phone To Take Selfie, Forgets It’s The Remote For A Bomb

Updated September 19, 2016

In order to spread their message to the world, a group of young Syrian rebels gathered around a video camera in order to talk about their purpose and their fight against ISIS. During the filming, one of the fighters decides he wants to document the moment.

In order to capture his place in history, he holds the mobile phone up and starts lining everyone up for the selfie that he prays will go viral. When he gets the perfect shot with him and his friends in it, he snaps a picture.

Moments later the rigged phone explodes and the blasts rocks the room. When the blast subsides, you can hear the rebel fighters screaming…

Although the footage has yet to be verified, the moment when the Syrian rebel blows himself and his friends up is just too good.

Apparently, the rebel forgot that his cellphone was rigged up to the bomb they were planning on using to kill terrorists and members of ISIS.

In the clip, you’ll see eight men sitting on a couch in front of the rebel flag. They are singing into a microphone and have rifles propped up beside them.

During the 30-second clip, one of the men picks up a mobile phone and holds it in order to get a good position for his selfie. When he is satisfied, he snaps the image and a clicking noise sounds right before the room erupts it hellfire.

The explosion, smoke, and flames blocks the camera’s view but the screams of the rebels are heard loud and clear.

After the dust from the mobile phone explosion clears, we can see that the camera has been blown backwards. It films upwards toward the ceiling fan.

Rebels who were not involved in the explosion jump over the camera to help their fallen comrades. They shout “Allahu Akbar”, which means “God is Great”, as they run to the rescue of the bombed men.

Many suspect the bomb was small since the video camera wasn’t destroyed and the other men in the room were still able to assist the fallen.

So far it is uncertain how many or if any of the rebels were killed during the friendly fire accident.

Watch the short clip below. You’ll see the men taking their places on the couch as they sing together…

The man in the tan shirt on the left fixes his clothing and then snaps the picture with the camera. As he does that, the bomb goes off blinding the room in red, yellow, and orange flames.

The Free Syrian Army, which these men are a part of, is aligned with the United States in the fight against ISIS. The group does not agree with the extremist views of ISIS or ISIL and wants them out of power.

Besides being an instrumental on-the-ground force in the fight against the terrorist group, they are also against those loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who seized power after inciting a rebellion that led to the current refugee crisis.

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