Take A Peek Inside The Yacht That Costs $1.6M To Rent For Just One Week

Updated August 7, 2017

Ever wanted to enjoy a week of luxury on board a yacht? Well, it’ll cost you, but check out everything you get.

All for the low, low cost of just $1.6 million. For a week.

This lavish yacht experience pulls out all the stops, with everything on board you could ever dream of needing or wanting. Take note of this for when you win the lottery, because this would be the luxury vacation of a lifetime, if you have the extra money to spend.

The Daily Mail provides an inside look at some of the options. One yacht, called the Queen Miri, has 18 rooms and accommodates 36 guests, as well as having a helipad, a pool, Jacuzzi, wine cellar, and a cinema. This floating luxury hotel travels the gorgeous Mediterranean and has 36 crew members on board to cater to your every need. Jet skis are available to take out on excursions, so you’re not just limited to staying on the yacht. Not that you would ever want to leave it!

Another option is the smaller sized Savannah, which sleeps 12 people and tours the Caribbean, with a glass walled underwater lounge for a truly unique perspective on your travel.

One yacht for the more fitness-focused traveler is called the Kismit, which sleeps 12 guests, has a helipad that doubles as a basketball court, as well as an onboard gym. There’s also a pool, cinema room, and fire pit on the deck for the ultimate in entertainment options.

The 10-room yacht called Here Comes the Sun features an indoor beach club, steam room, gym, and sauna, a gorgeous lounge with a piano, and a beautiful deck for lounging the sun soaked days away.

All of these options (and more) are available to charter from Yacht Charter Fleet.

Those who commented on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the yacht charter options offered a range of opinions, with one noting: “Trouble with a super yacht, it’s too big to get into many ports or harbors and the passengers still end taking a rubber dinghy to make an ungainly entrance to get on shore.”

Another person offered this experience: “Just been to Monaco. Now if you want to see an abundance of these super yachts, that’s the place to be. Including an all gold one, which I googled and it cost 40 million.”

One person wondered how you could play a game of pool on a boat, with another commenter offering this explanation: “The pool table itself has a gyro-stabilzer built into the table platform, works good enough in calm seas but does not work very well in rough water, depending upon the size of the boat.”

Others noted that perhaps they wouldn’t be boarding one of these yachts soon, but had options they were happy with, with one person commenting: “WOW! Very nice…The closest I come to riding a luxury ship is the Staten Island Ferry…and that ride is free,” and another explaining they don’t need luxury at all: “I am perfectly happy with a nice quiet lake, row boat, fishing rod and a six pack of beer. Heaven.”

Still others were impressed with the beautiful yachts, with comments such as: “I’ve never wanted to be rich more than I do right now” and “I get a feeling of peace just looking at the photos.”