Take A Sneak Peek At The Interior Of The Car Experts Are Saying Will Change Everything

Updated August 4, 2017

Elon Musk, the brain behind Tesla Motors, has been known for being an innovator throughout his career. And now he has just revolutionized the automotive industry with the minimalistic design of his $35,000 Tesla Model 3. While traditional car manufacturers have been fighting back against electric models for decades, Musk has finally found a way to pull ahead and create a car that not only looks good, but runs like a powerful machine. With no speedometer, gauges or anything typical of a regular dashboard, he has created something that is totally new and unique. Only a single tablet rests upon the beautiful, sleek wooden dash of the Tesla Model 3.

Many experts are hailing the Tesla Model 3 as the Ford Model T of the modern age. And now that we have a complete look into the electric car’s interior, we can confirm that it certainly has revolutionized the car market.

With no bells and whistles like every other car out there, the Tesla Model 3 will make its owner stand out from every other vehicle. The owner doesn’t even need a key to get started – they just need to use their phone.

To go along with the new and improved dashboard, Musk’s designers even made things like the air vents invisible.

The singe 15-inch touchscreen display in the center has replaced all the bells and whistles drivers are accustomed to. Now a person can navigate the road with the tablet at the center of their dashboard.

The screen tells you the speed you’re driving as well as the car’s remaining battery life – which lasts a very long time. The driver can control the screen by touching it and with two buttons on either side of the steering wheel.

Musk has encouraged potential customers on Twitter.

“You just won’t care’ that there is no traditional dashboard,” he tweeted.

The Tesla Model 3 is so sleek that even the air vents are invisible. Nothing takes away from the simple, minimalistic design.

“Model 3 uses two intersecting planes of air for vertical control and lateral fins hidden within the dashboard for horizontal control,” Musk tweeted.

Although the screen rests between the driver and passenger seats, where the radio usually is, test drivers admit that it is very convenient.

One driver said, “[I] didn’t have to turn my head from the windshield.” But he admitted that drivers will need to adjust to this change.

Musk has gotten rid of every moving part that is unnecessary. This makes the car “virtually maintenance-free.”

Because the car requires no key, you must sync it with your smartphone using Bluetooth. The will automatically unlock the car when you walk toward it.

You will also get two “keycards” incase your phone breaks or you need to give the car to a valet or parking attendant.

Even his critics admit that Musk has finally achieved his dream of minimalism.

Plus, the Tesla Model 3 has an affordable price, yet it will drive like a luxury vehicle. It also has 15 cubic feet and feels roomy.

Do you want a Tesla Model 3? Or is it lacking?

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