Teacher Caught Abusing Student On Camera Gets Off With Sickeningly Light Punishment

Updated May 15, 2017

There is something in the air with teachers lately, as a lot of our paid educators are getting busted partaking in inappropriate behavior with students. Some have recently been caught bullying students and others have gone so far as to physically abuse the children that they are supposed to be educating. The latest of these horrific stories took place at Youngstown School in Ohio.

The latest of these horrific stories took place att the Mahoning County Head Start program at Youngstown School in Ohio. A teacher was fired after she was caught dragging a young student down the hallway by his arm. Another teacher who witnessed the incident snapped a photo and shared it with the school’s leadership team.

The teacher was employed by the Alta Care Group, which is a non-profit company that services the early education program and the child was a student of the program. Both have not been identified, however; Alta Care Group’s CEO Joe Shorokey shared the following statement regarding the incident:

“I want to make sure it is clear that the individual who was terminated does not reflect the values of the dedicated and skilled professionals at Alta Head Start.These fine teachers and aides should not be unfairly portrayed as anything less because of the person who was terminated. We took action immediately,” he continued. “We took this matter very seriously. We apologized to the parents, as well as the community.”

According to Youngstown City Schools spokeswoman, Denise Dick, Alta Care Group provides services in eight classrooms across the district. In addition to the Alta Care Group employee, each of those classrooms is staffed by a Youngstown teacher and a district educational aide.

The Youngstown school district has reported the incident to the Mahoning County Children’s Services.

Shockingly enough, several commenters sided with the teacher and assumed that the child brought it upon himself…

“I’ve never seen a kid dragged in public who didn’t bring it upon themselves by being disrespectful, unruly, hard headed, or throwing a temper tantrum.”

“Well, maybe the kid was pissing her off and she just had enough, nowadays children are so disrespectful towards teachers and parents don’t care. Very sad! Maybe that kid refused to walk.”
“Lack of discipline at home leads to lack of self-control away from home. The roots of the problem lie with the people “raising” the child. The teacher’s story will never be publicly accepted nor will the actual facts of the events surrounding the incident.”
“This is a picture, not a video so no proof the kid was dragged down the hallway. I am sure once the teacher said she was calling the kids parents the kid dropped to the ground cause he knows once he gets home he in trouble. Teacher taking the picture should be fired as well for not assisting the other teacher.”
“Remember the days when u got in trouble in school the parents didn’t blame the teacher but the bratty child miss those days.”
Surprisingly there aren’t too many commenters who defended the student.