Teacher Has No Idea Camera Is Rolling When He Finally Snaps After Being Shown Lack Of Respect [video]

Updated February 21, 2017

When a student realized that his teacher was about to have a nervous breakdown, he took out his camera and began filming. That’s when he caught the teacher in Spain becoming so angry with the students in the class that he violently smashes one of the school’s laptop computers to pieces.

The violent teacher has become an internet sensation because he had no control over his emotions. Neither the teacher nor the school where it happened have been identified, but Spanish speaking websites are having a field day with this man’s outburst.

Below, you can watch the moment that the teacher lost his mind to rage after feeling like another student was not respecting him…Check this out now!

At the beginning of the clip, the teacher is shouting at the student in the white t-shirt because he is an under achiever.

The teacher emphatically says in Spanish: “I am asking for a bit of effort. I am asking you for a bit of effort to learn this. We are taking 20 minutes to learn this, 20 f*****g minutes.”

People presume that the school is supposedly a private school. Why? Because during the outburst, the student, identified as Dani Mateo, retorts: “I am paying for this, retard, am not I?”

The student’s lack of respect and name-calling incites the teacher to become angrier: “What? How dare you say retarded? Perhaps you should stop even trying and do b****r all Dani Mateo, I cannot afford it otherwise.”

After blasting the student for being slow, the teacher leaps out of his chair. He lifts his hands up in anger and then his emotions take control. The teacher grabs the laptop in front of him, lifts it up, and smashes it against the counter.

The teacher destroys the piece of school equipment. Then he knocks a cup toward the student.

Meanwhile, the boy recoils in fear at the teacher’s unexpected outburst of violence.

One school principal at a different school in eastern Spain in the region of Valencia, condemned the violence in the video: “What type of education are parents giving to their sons?”

What do you think? Viewers at Mail Online shared some of their opinions:

“First mistake the School made was letting the Boy wear his hat inside the school building. It starts with the little things.”

“I would blow my top every day if I had to deal with more than one of those millenials at a time. I spent my formative years in a behavioral modification school where we were yelled at, cursed at, called out on our chit DAILY – and I highly recommend/ promote it. Pussyfooting around gets us nowhere. Actually, it’s what got us here!”

“I’m in my 30’s and go to a little college to take some computer classes to stay up to date. and constantly the young people are asking me what the teacher just said because they can’t stop looking at their phones”

Do you think this teacher should be identified or punished? Or did the smart-mouthed student deserve it?

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