Teacher Is Clueless Camera Is Rolling. Since It Was Filmed Millions Have Seen What He Did

Updated November 7, 2016

At Whitney M. Young High School, one English teacher stands out from the rest. It’s not how John Fanning writes his lesson plans or teaches the students their Shakespeare that is necessarily noteworthy, it is how he uses humor and fun to engage the students’ undivided attention. This man deserves a raise.

And on the last day of school, Fanning wanted them to still pay attention. There were still things to learn, but they had done well so a little extra fun couldn’t hurt.

But the English teacher could never have guessed what was coming. Students formed a circle in the hallway. Why? Because they were preparing to challenge their teachers to an epic dance battle. And John Fanning was up next…

Watch the video below to see the hilarious and heartwarming interaction between Chicago students and their teacher. Obviously, they respect their authority.

See how the students corner a teacher in the doorway of her classroom. Once student begins shuffling his feet quickly, but the female teacher declines the offer to partake.

Students were giving up hope on their role models. They had worked hard all year, passing their tests and completing their homework assignments. And today, the last day of school, they wanted to have some fun with the educators they respect so much.

Just when the Chicago students thought their teachers had no soul, up steps John Fanning.

As the young students blasts a few dance moves in front of the young teacher, Fanning watches in awe. He gazes down at the young lad’s feet as they seem to float along the polished tile floor.

Then at the 40-second mark, something miraculous happens. Fanning breaks the tense divide between students and teachers and joins in on the fun.

John Fanning demonstrates his river dance moves. He holds his composition notebook behind his back and kicks his feet out in elegant strides. While his dance might not be modern or stylish in the least, he sure has practiced it a lot. Plus, he impresses his students by putting himself out there and just having a good time.

Watch how the students fail to contain their excitement as they watch their English teacher’s impressive dance skills!

After Fanning impresses everyone, the hundreds of students who had gathered in the dance-off circle erupt into applause.

Eventually, this video became watched all over the country. And thus, John Fanning was invited to interview with Good Morning America. On that day, he said, “Like every other kid who grew up in Rogers Park in the ‘70s and ‘80s, I went to dance classes after church.”

In the description of the video, which has been watched 3.6 million times, the student who filmed it wrote, “What started out as a small prank (foot-working in front of random people after school) turned into a party on Whitney Young’s 2nd floor the minute Mr. “Thirst Gawd” Fanning decided to be the first person to strike back.”

Did you ever do anything wild and crazy on the last day of school back when you were in high school?