Teacher Makes Claim About Islam, Refuses To Back Down Despite Backlash From Muslim Community

Updated October 11, 2017

The Houston Independent School District has been called to investigate a series of anti-Muslim tweets by one of its teachers. When the Council on American-Islamic Relations saw the tweets from one of the Houston area teachers, they wanted the school district to take swift disciplinary action against the educator. The executive director of the relations organization, Mustafa Carroll, reported that the teacher in question works at Sterling Aviation High School. The teacher behind the offensive twitter handle has caused a stir among Muslims in America. And now the Houston school district will have to respond in kind.

Carroll reported to Eyewitness News about the offensive tweets. In part the social media messages read:

“Love Jesus or go to hell. You have been warned.”

Another tweet from the Houston teacher said:

“Embrace Islam and you embrace death.”

Along with the anti-Muslim statements, the Sterling Aviation High School teacher also shared graphic images that depicted violence against children.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations does not go after every person who expresses anti-Muslim views on the internet. But because this man is tasked with education the next generation of leaders, they are concerned that he is tainting their views.

“The reason we are concerned is because he’s a teacher,” Carroll said. “It he wasn’t a teacher, this conversation probably wouldn’t be taking place.”

The teacher is thought to be James A. Bretney. ABC13 spoke to him and he said that his anti-Muslim Twitter handle @lordtiberius was suspended because it violated the social media website’s strict rules.

Although his views are now under fire, Bretney said that he still stands firm by what he said. He knows his words are tough on Islam, but he believes they were true. And even if his job is at stake as a Houston-area teacher, he wants America to fight against Islam.

Bretney appealed to the first amendment right to say what he wanted against Islam. And he is refusing to back down in his fight against CAIR. Instead he is escalating the conflict.

“This is the problem. We are in spiritual conflict with Islam,” said the alleged teacher. “We are in a clash of civilizations with Islam.”

Although he was happy to speak about the tweets, he refused to answer ABC13’s question about his employment.

“I will not acknowledge my employment,” he told reporters. It is unclear if his employment status has changed since this story broke.

According to Texas state records, Bretney has a Texas Educator Certificate. And according to Bretney’s LinkedIn page, he works at Sterling High School. Besides his social media presence, the school’s website also lists him in the directory. Unless his work status has changed since these website updates were made, he seems to be employed as a teacher, although he doesn’t want to admit it.

Because the HISD cannot abide this type of hate speak, they are investigating the situation. But they refused to comment on the personnel matters.

Do you think the Houston teacher should be allowed to lash out against Islam?