Teacher Wondered Why Triplets Only Spoke To Each Other, Uncovers Closely Guarded Secret

Updated September 7, 2017

In Las Vegas, triplets Sierra, Haley and Kassidy Yeckes went to Valley High School together. But they weren’t just trying to study math and English  as a team, they did everything together. Ever since they were young, they had been inseparable. But school was not their thing. They didn’t seem to be interested in getting the high school diplomas or moving on to college after graduation. Because of their lack of commitment, all three of the girls were failing their classes. They also were not coming to class regularly and chose to skip instead. The girls only trusted each other and despised all authority figures. After the mother had died when they were 3-months old, their lives were never the same. And when their father was incarcerated when they were in sixth grade, the girls’ lives fell apart. It was only their grandmother who was there to try to hold things together.

Their grandmother did the best she could with the triplets. She wanted them to care about their grades and to pay attention in class. But she didn’t know how to make them get invested in their futures. They had been through a very tough time.

Thankfully their Las Vegas high school enrolled the Yeckes triplets into a program called GEAR UP. And those girls were about to get the help they needed.

The program did wonders for the young women. It gave them support and helped the triplets feel safer and more secure in their lives.

No one at school had any idea that they had been through so much hardship by the time they entered middle school. With their mother gone and their father in prison, they had nothing and no one to care for them except for their grandmother. And in between bouts of prison, their father would often leave the girls to fend for themselves. He hardly took parenting seriously.

And after their house was shot up in a drive by shooting, the girls were taken from his custody. They were given to their grandparents, but although they tried, they didn’t really want the responsibility of raising the triplets either.

By the time they were enrolled in GEAR UP, the triplets had been homeless, hungry and alone. Thankfully the program helped the teens work through their tough circumstances and see a light at the end of the tunnel.

With caring support, the girls got their GPAs up. They started getting involved in extra-curricular activities at the school. And they also found jobs. They even decided that college was their next step. It was a huge improvement from the angry girls who didn’t pay attention in class.

FOX5 Surprise Squad heard about the triplets and wanted to help. So they set up a secret surprise and gave them a shock – one that they loved.

In the heartwarming video below, you’ll see how the Las Vegas new station surprised these young women with something that will change their lives forever. And they unveiled the surprise on the day of their high school graduation.

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