Teens Call For A Spirit To Visit Them Using A Ouija Board Then It Happens, Pure Terror

Updated September 11, 2017

After a few things started going bump in the night, a group of four teenagers decided to put their homemade Ouija board to the test. They were eager to see if spirits really were lurking in their so-called haunted house. And after creating the board themselves after following a DIY tutorial, they set it up in the kitchen, turned out the lights and then started summoning spirits from a nether realm. But shortly after they set everything up and call on the spirits from beyond, the teens see something they will never “un-see.” The pieces suddenly launch off the table as if knocked about by a spirit. And the plastic piece of the board, called a planchette, is atop the homemade Ouija board on top of the kitchen table. Besides the planchette, there is a burning candle. Then a man explains how the Ouija board will work and then asks the room if there is a spirit in hiding. What happens next leaves everyone in the room in shock.

The video depicts the scenario clearly. Three teenage girls and one boy friend are eager to communicate with the spirits from beyond. They spent half the day creating the Ouija board and they are hanging out in the dark kitchen that is already spooky as it is.

Then suddenly, a plastic piece suddenly moves. But not before the boy, who was designated the spiritual leader, outlines the rules. But he is not serious about this at all. Or at least he is doing it in a manner to hide the terror welling up inside him. He wants to seem tough in front of all the girls.

“We ain’t going to do none of the TV s***, I think all that s*** is fake,” he says. “We’re just going to ask simple-a** questions, no holding hands, we’re just going to see what the f** happens.”

Then one of the frightened girls asks the boy, who they have turned to as their leader, if they need to put their hands on the plastic planchette – or if the spirit is supposed to do that. The over-confident boy then says, cursing:

“If there’s a ghost in here it’s going to move that motherf***** by itself.”

The girls are dubious.

“I really don’t think it’s going to,” the girl says.

The man ignores her. Then he asks if everyone in the room is ready to communicate with the ghostly spirit.

“Is there anyone else in here besides us? Can you hear me?” he asks the empty room.

Immediately, the plastic planchette flies off the table toward the girls. The teens reveal their true colors. They’re terrified and leave the Ouija board immediately. All four of them scream and jump into the corner of the room away from where they thought the spirit was.

The video first was published on Live Leak on Thursday September 7. Although no one knows in what part of the United States it was filmed, they are confident that the video is truthful. But do you agree?