Teen Finds Dying Foal In Ditch, Takes Action. Horse Makes Remarkable Transformation [video]

Updated May 16, 2017

Life has a way of messing up your plans. Once you’ve gotten everything down, figured out every turn and mastered every curveball that life has to throw at you – life pitches up a nasty knuckleball and strikes you out swinging. While these moments can be difficult to deal with, they are also great opportunities. Within every moment of adversity is a chance for growth and success. It requires only a willingness to step out and act with courage.

Kelsey Allonge, 18, had plenty of that. While the young lady thought she was doing one thing, life decided to give her something completely unexpected. And when you see how she responded to finding the baby horse dying in the ditch, your animal lover’s heart will swell with pride.

Learn more about how Allonge handled this difficult situation…

As a child growing up in Cropsey, Illinois, Allonge was a true animal lover. Besides her passion for animals, she was also athletic and popular. She dreamed about life outside of her small town and couldn’t wait to escape after high school.

But while she was in rural Illinois, she invested her free time into caring for animals as was her first love.

One day, on route to the flea market, Kelsey’s mom Cara Filipiak took a wrong turn. It would end up changing both their lives.

It was about 5:30 in the morning and the sun was only peeking over the horizon. While Kelsey expected to see nothing stirring at this time of the day, out in the distance she spotted a malnourished horse in a ditch scavenging for food.

The horse was a foal and could barely stand up. But there was no one nearby taking care of it. It was abandoned.

Kelsey’s compassion kicked in and she refused to leave the horse alone. They decided to skip their plans to go to the flea market and help this horse instead.

“We didn’t think she was going to make it,” Kelsey later told Central Illinois Proud, a local news station. “We just felt so bad for her, just overwhelming sadness.”

They quickly went home and grabbed the trailer. When her mom brought it, the baby horse refused to enter. Instead, it tired itself out and collapsed in the ditch, dying.

When it regained enough energy to stand, Kelsey walked 9 miles to rescue the animal. And when she got her back home, she named the foal Sunny.

She worried that without her mother Sunny just wouldn’t make it, but Kelsey put her faith in Jesus. When she got the horse into the stable, she did a closer inspection. That’s when her heart dropped. Sunny had whip marks and her spine stuck out three inches from malnutrition.

“What kind of person can do that to an animal? Willingly go to bed every night knowing that she’s out there starving?” Kelsey said.

Kelsey ended up spending nights in the barn to subdue Sunny.

“I didn’t really sleep real good. Pretty much woke up every hour and just peeked in on her,” Kelsey said.

When she saved Sunny, Kelsey realized her calling. It was rescuing and rehabilitating animals.

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