Teen Is Devastated Cop Handed Her A Ticket, Then She Sees The Note Written At The Bottom

Updated April 7, 2017

When it comes to asking a guy or a girl to the prom, it’s almost a requirement to be creative nowadays. Maybe it’s due to all the unique wedding proposals that have popped up over the country. Everyone want to go above and beyond and be the next best story. And why not? It certainly makes life interesting.

While interning at the White Hall Police Department in Michigan, Wesley Wade came up with a great idea. He wanted to use the connections that he had gained at the police department, to pull off a memorable prom invite. He wanted his girlfriend, Samantha Vallier to remember the moment forever, so he worked with the officers at the station, to pull off the latest and greatest proposal.

He managed to pull the entire scene off and film it at the same time, capturing Vallier’s many emotions.

The video starts out with Vallier driving her and Wade around, and while things start out fairly normal, she is soon panicked when she sees the blue lights from a cop car behind her. Having never been pulled over before, she shouts to Wade…”What do I do what do I do?” She then goes on to say “This is your fault.” Well, technically it is but she doesn’t know that yet. As the officer is collecting her license and registration, she is in full panic mode while she is accusing Wade of telling her to go faster. She then asks him if he knows the officer who pulled them over. Wade denies knowing him and tells her to read the citation that the officer gave her.

In small print it says…”Will you go to prom with Wes?”

When Vallier finally realizes what is happening, she smiles but she still doesn’t let him get away with causing her so much alarm. “What the frig, why would you do that to me?”

We are guessing that the giddy look on her face meant that she said yes to his proposal.

Wade did a good job at keeping a straight face and maintaining his character while he pulled her paperwork out of the glove box and accused her of going too slow. Based on how these two bicker, they just might make a good married couple some day.

The sweet and unique proposal was a hit and has already been viewed 16,000 times. It turns out that Vallier did say yes and the two will be heading off to the prom together on May 6th. Hopefully, there won’t be any blue lights and sirens interfering with their evening.

While most people thought the video was cute, there were some who didn’t appreciate the police department partaking in such silly antics…

“Unprofessional. Don’t use taxpayer resources for those shenanigans.”

You have to admit…it was quite clever. But, what happens if Wade and Vallier stay together and they get married one day. How is Wade going to top this proposal? And will Vallier always expect a unique invitation?

Surely the two are the talk of the school after this clever incident went viral.