Teen Son Won’t Stop Slamming His Door Shut, Parents Come Up With Creative Solution

Updated August 30, 2016

Without a doubt, teenagers are some of the most difficult human beings on the planet. Because they are growing into adults, they think they know what is best for themselves and think they understand everything. And God forbid if they experience a little success, because it will go to their head and bloat their ego into a hot air balloon.

Though teenagers don’t listen to their parents and ignore all the good advice we give them, what is the best way as a parent to get the kids to listen? This is a difficult question to answer and the solution differs from family to family.

But for the parents of this teenage boy, they knew one solution that would hit home. Take away his privacy…

After telling their entitled teenage boy to stop slamming his bedroom door for the umpteenth time, they knew their words weren’t getting through to him.

So they came up with an idea that was sure to make him pay attention. They sawed his bedroom door in half…

As you can see in the photo, the look on his face seems to say that he finally got the message.

The image was captured by his sibling who posted it on the Love What Matters Facebook page with the caption: “When your brother gets his door cut in half as punishment for slamming his door.”

After witnessing the hilarious photo, many people chimed in with comments about the unusual punishments their parents issued when they were children.

For example, Leanna Hunt got an interesting present for Christmas one year, “My parents removed the entire door. Then gave it back to me for Christmas. Bow and all. Lesson learned.”

And Tonya Shriver was forced to fight for privacy if she wanted it: “My parents took the hinges out but left the door so I had to physically pick it up and set it in place if I wanted it closed! ????”

Ellen Herrera knew not to mess with her parents because they knew exactly how to torture her with kindness: “Yikes…when I was little and we slammed a door we had to open and close it “nicely” 100 times… We learned pretty quick”

Parents all agreed that this teenager deserved the punishment. If he is an entitled brat, he needs to learn respect before he is unleashed on the rest of us, they said.

Parent Donna Pari didn’t want any door slamming in her house so she taught her daughter a lesson.

“When my daughter was a young teenager, her father took her door of the hinges – no door for a few days cured her from banging her door! We laugh about it now, but was not funny to her then!”

Slamming doors along with yelling and screaming are an angry reaction people resort to when they feel threatened. While the teenage boy in the picture probably felt rage at the moment the image was taken, later on down the line he will probably be laughing about it when he remembers how much of a terror he was as a teen.

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