Teen Vanished Out Of Thin Air In 2011, Cops Just Called Her Parents To Say They Found Her

Updated December 19, 2016

Back in May of 2011, North Carolina’s Rachel Natacha Owens, 15, was first reported missing. The teenager was last seen getting off the school bus at South Brunswick High School in Boiling Spring Lakes and then POOF, nothing, she was gone.

Now, five years later, she has been found, living under a false identity in Columbus, Ohio.

The 21-year-old has since talked to authorities about her disappearance. She admitted she “left and remained away on her own will” and went to “great lengths to intentionally conceal her whereabouts.”

But why? Were things bad at home? Was there something else she needed to escape? Find out more about this mystery in the video below!

To get as far away from her North Carolina life as possible, the young woman also assumed a false identity and picked a new birthday.

After she got off the school bus back in May 2011, she was briefly seen entering a parked car, which sped away. No sign of the teen was ever found again – except last Friday.

Before she was reported missing, Owens had attempted to run away before – but she was always back before long.

The missing teen report was taken seriously. The FBI and the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office worked to validate leads they had both in the U.S. and Mexico. But as recently as 2014, the FBI had information that she could be in Ohio, a spokesperson for the FBI Charlotte Field Office said.

Owens, who wrote fiction, created a story in which she ran away to Mexico. Friends also told the FBI that she could be in Mexico. The FBI wondered if her fiction could have turned into fact so they went on a wild goose chase to Mexico, before checking in Ohio.

After she went missing, the FBI offered a measly $5000 to anyone with information in Owens’s disappearance.

On Friday after finally finding the woman, they report suspecting no foul play and say no charges will be filed.

FBI Special Agent Rich Novelli met with Owens’s family on Friday and told them that their daughter was alive and well. He said they want to “move on with rebuilding their relationship.”

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office thanked all the agency, especially the FBI, and wanted to extend gratitude to everyone who shared tips on where to find the hiding woman.

“Sheriff [John] Ingram and the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office are extremely grateful to all of those who submitted tips and leads to detectives that ultimately led to finding Rachel,” the news release said.


Christina Haley, reporter for Port City Daily, shares: “Since her disappearance, Rachel Owens has not had any contact with friends or family. In this video, the Owens family pleas for any information that could lead to locating their loved one.”

Check out the video below for even more information about this bizarre case.

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