Teen Who Lost Dad In The Line Of Duty, Gets Surprise Send Off To Prom From Fellow Officers

Updated May 12, 2017

Life has not been easy for the daughter of Rod Bradway in recent years. After the officer of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was killed in September 2013, his death has left a hole in both his family’s lives and the department.

But now that his daughter is growing up, the Indianapolis Police and Marion County Sheriff’s Office united to surprise Bradway’s daughter in the best way possible. While she was getting ready to go to her school’s prom, the officers gave her the sendoff of a lifetime…

Officer Bradway was killed in the line of duty while responding to a domestic disturbance at the Eagle Pointe Apartment Complex. It was 2am and Bradway knew this might get dicey.

When he first arrived on the scene, Bradway heard the last thing he wanted to hear. The woman inside the apartment was screaming at the top of her lungs. But it ended up being a set up.

When Officer Bradway broke down the apartment door and entered the living area, convicted felon Steven Byrdo was ready and waiting for him. Byrdo pointed his gun at Officer Bradway and unloaded six shots into the father’s body. Officer Bradway did not stand a chance.

Byrdo was ready and waiting. His first shot hit Officer Bradway in the side where his Kevlar vest would not protect him.

Fortunately, other responding officers were able to take down Byrdo. But it was too late. The damage had been done and Bradway was never coming back.

He left behind his beloved daughter Sierra, his son Jonathan and his wife Sheri Ann. Now almost four years later, she has not forgotten her father. On the contrary, she has found ways to honor him even more than before.

Sierra attends Decatur Central High School. And although her father was killed in the line of duty four years ago, she still visits his gravesite frequently.

But on the night of her prom, the Indianapolis police and the Sheriff’s Office escorted Sierra and her date Brock to the local prom.

Before the lovebirds arrived at the dance, the police officers took her to her father’s gravesite. There, photographs were taken of Sierra and Brock paying tribute to the fallen officer and father.

They also would have made Officer Bradway proud. They looked Brock in the eye and sternly reminded him to have Sierra home by 11pm.

The IMPD released the following statement: “Many high school girls look forward to the opportunity to get dressed up for Prom and take photos with their friends and family to capture the moment. Fathers are blessed to see how their daughters have grown into beautiful young women and proudly stand with them before they head off to celebrate an evening of formal fun. Unfortunately, Sierra will not have that opportunity with her father…

“Understanding the importance to Sierra, Captain Spayd with the MCSO, who is the mother of Brock Spayd (Sierra’s Prom Date), reached out to IMPD for a call to action. She called for officers to come and honor Rod and to show Sierra that her Blue Line Family will be here to support her, in all that she does.  MCSO Deputies and IMPD Officers gladly answered the call and came out in force, to be a part of this surprise photo opportunity with Sierra.”

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