Teens Steal Dog Then Torture Him. He Makes A Full Recovery, Never Loses His Loving Personality

Updated November 14, 2017

When horrific things happen to animals, it can sometimes make them scared to be around humans when humans are the perpetrator. This is understandable because they experience psychological trauma just like people. However, for an adorable dog named Chunky, he did not let a heinous experience with some teens make him afraid to be loved by humans.Chunky was kidnapped by some teenagers and they did so many awful things to this poor dog that it is enough to make your stomach turn. They broke his legs and neck, fed him drugs and even set him on fire. Chunky is clearly a strong animal because he was able to survive this entire ordeal and the treatment that he needed as a result.

Caroline Doe, an RSPCA inspector commented that this act of animal violence is the most disturbing that she had ever seen. She further stated that no other incident she has worked on has come close to the level of this case. It sent shivers down her spine. She says that teens said that they were under the influence when they kidnapped the dog and tortured him. It is no doubt that it is a miracle that the dog survived this.

After Chunky’s horrible experience, he was discovered in trash near where he lived. It did not take long before the teenagers who committed such a heinous act were also found. They did plead guilty for torturing this adorable dog. They plead guilty to animal cruelty, but of course, the punishment does not seem to fit the crime. They got a 12-month referral order, they cannot own animals for five years and they have to pay costs. Unfortunately, Chunky will not just be done dealing with this in five years because of the trauma that he experienced.

There was definitely some public outcry about the overall punishment that the teens were given. However, unfortunately, a lot of animal cruelty punishments are simply not that harsh in many areas of the world. The punishments are certainly not like those handed down when someone does similar horrible things to a fellow human. The laws and punishments are starting to change, but it is taking a long time. While this story is definitely one of the worst to hit the media, it is not the first. Unfortunately, animals are still tortured and neglected.

In this specific story, Chunky fully recovered physically from his injuries. He is back to running around and being an energetic dog with the owners that he was kidnapped from. He seems to be very happy being back at home and he is certainly getting all of the love that he needs to recover. However, he can be a little timid and nervous when he is around people that he does not know. This is understandable due to what strangers did to him. Overall, he is working on trusting humans again and his family is just happy to have their dog back home where he is safe, loved and definitely the most popular member of the family.