Test Creators Claim Only Those With An Analytical Mind Will Spot All 4 Animals. Can You?

Updated March 16, 2017

Although you might not believe me on your first glance, hidden among the painting of this sunny seaside scene are four animals. In the sketch, a fox, bat, antelope, and flamingo are soaking up the morning sun. It’s a pristine setting with a cottage on a cliff overlooking the bay.

This image is only the latest in a long line of challenging optical illusions from the creators at Playbuzz that have been sweeping across the web in recent months. In this one, you’ll need to find these four creatures among the shore and surf. But be warned, this is not easy. As the creators themselves claim, only those with the most analytical minds can solve it. And if you want to see if you have what it takes, scroll down and give this quiz a shot now!

Many users admit that this is a tricky puzzle. As they wrote on Facebook:

“This quiz nailed me gooood,” Wyatt Cunningham admitted.

Meanwhile, Denice Gotgzsch wrote, “I only didn’t see the flamingo.”

“Yeah, the flamingo was more tricky,” wrote Lisa Young.

Like these stumped players, it is not easy to find all four animals. But as a little hint, keep your gaze locked on the rocks along the shore. All the animals are hiding among the brown and earth-toned colors. Look for their outlines and you should be able to spot them.

Some Playbuzz players wanted to show-up the creators. They claim they can see not four, but five animals. And there is a dog hidden somewhere among the rocks on the right side. But Daily Mail and us here at AWM, don’t see it. But do you?

While the quiz makers claim that “only overtly analytical people can see all four hidden animals in this scene,” some people who played thought it was easy. Perhaps, this proves the creators point that these users are very analytical.

Linda Morgan was very fast and wrote that she “saw them before started to play.”

Meanwhile, Shanice Spence “found em all.” And Freja Dart said, “that was pretty easy.”

Alec Gar-c said the puzzle was “not challenging…but fun” and Melanie Steinkamp claims it “was too easy.”

For those that are analytical enough to solve the puzzle, Playbuzz writes: “Brilliant! Then you are most definitely an extremely analytical person!”

For others who did not spot all four animals, Playbuzz writes, “No worries, you don’t want to be overly analytical anyway. But don’t give up!”

Readers of Daily Mail, where this puzzle was featured, have mixed reactions to the optical challenge.

“This has got to be one of the easiest ones ever posted. I saw all four animals in the first few seconds. Overly analytical? I don’t think so. Just very obvious!” Jennie from West Sussex wrote.

“This is an easy one, spotted all of them in less than 30 seconds,” wrote a reader from San Francisco.

Did you find all four animals? Or did you struggle?

Now CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS to this quiz and see if they’re as analytical as you!