Test Creators Gave This Synonym Test To 100 Adults And Only 3 Passed It, Will You Be #4?

Updated January 17, 2017

Whether you were the high school English class or not, you’re going to want to see how you stack up against average Americans. According to a recent quiz created for PlayBuzz, only three out of one hundred Americans can pass the test included below. What test, you ask? Well, this test asks you to choose the best word from the list that means the same thing as the word in the question.

Synonyms are useful when speaking and writing. They allow the person to communicate more effectively and get a point through to more people. But if synonyms or vocabulary for that matter are too challenging for the intended audience, the message will go right over the recipient’s head. That’s no good either.

But now is your chance to see how your stand up against other Americans in terms of English skills. Scroll to the bottom to take the synonym test now and see what your score is!

If you do not get a passing grade on the test, which is okay, since 97 percent of people fail, you’ll get a message that reads “sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn” along with the following note:

“You failed the synonym test. You are either an artist, or a scientist. Are we spot-on? Let us know in a comment below, and share the quiz with every American you know.”

For those lucky enough to be in the so-called top three percent, you’ll get a message like: “You passed a Synonym Test that only 3 in 100 Americans can. You are definitely a creative thinker. You tend to challenge yourself with new notions and ideas, and you are not afraid to be different. You enjoy experimenting and thinking on your own, and you keep an open (yet critical) mind of what you see, hear, and learn. Way to go!! Share the quiz with every American you know.”

Tips to improve your vocabulary!

The easiest way to improve your vocabulary is to simply read more often. Books will teach you new words and help you see how they’re used. Not only will you be exposed to a larger vocabulary through reading, you’ll get to see how an expert uses them.

Every time you come across a word you do not know, circle it, write it down, or memorize it – then look it up in the dictionary. This first helps you identify words you don’t know instead of glossing over them. Secondly, you will learn the definitions and see what they mean.

Once you have a list of words you’ve looked up in the dictionary, create flashcards. Put the word on one side and the definition on the other. Test yourself while you’re waiting in line or have five minutes to kill.

Words games also help you boost your vocabulary. When you’re looking for the highest scoring word in Words with Friends or Scrabble, you’ll be challenging your mind to recall words from your past and invent new ones out of the letters you have.

Take the quiz below. Did you PASS or FAIL?