Texas Fisherman Knows His Catch Was Huge, But Never Imagined He Would Set The Record (photo)

Updated July 11, 2017

Well, it is summertime and that means time to grab a few things, call into work sick, and head for the beach. But just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, A man hauls in a mammoth shark. You will not believe how big this thing really is until you see it.

They say “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and a sportfisherman just proved it again this week.

On Sunday, the Texas City/La Marque Jaycees hosted their fifty fifth Annual Tackle Time Fishing Tournament. And this year, Sergio Roque was the hands down winner.

He managed to land a 964 pound bull shark more than ten feet long.

Speaking with local news stations,Roque says “It’s the hardest fight I’ve ever had in my life, the strongest one. When I first set the hook, and it pulled me straight across the back of the boat, pulled me straight to the corner and slammed my knees onto it.”

The animal fought for three hours before Roque was able to reel it in.

According to Sam Navarro, who is Vice President of the Jaycees, Roque’s fish put him in first place, although the contest runs through Sunday, and is one of the largest ever caught in their tournament.

The Texas City Jaycees posted a picture of his massive fish, saying “Bringing in a whopping 964lb Tiger Shark, Mr Sergio Roque just hit a GRANDSLAM landing 85% of the state record yall!!! Congrats and thank you boys!”

Their post has been shared more than fourteen hundred times, and people have been leaving comments on their Facebook page, saying things like:

“wish I could catch one that big congratulations young man on that prize shark.”- Tonnie Roth

“Fish tacos for everyone!”- Kev Steen

“I am glad I was not swimming there,good job guys.”- Barbara Gross

“So what do you do with the shark now? That’s amazing!”- Christina Munday Hunt

“That’s why you don’t swim in the ocean.”- Vickie Hale York

“I remember seeing catches hung up when my grandpa took me there as a little girl on July 4th. Will all these awesome catches be hung up? Are they left up, or replaced each day with that day’s catch? Thanks.”- Angie Smith

The bull shark, also known as the requiem shark, is a particularly aggressive species that has been known to attack humans.

Despite its large size, it prefers shallower waters and can exist in saltwater, brackish, and freshwater conditions. They are fond of coastal estuaries and wetlands, and can swim many miles up river, unlike other sharks. In fact, there have been a number of substantiated reports of bull sharks swimming up the Mississippi River as far as southern Illinois.

Their range is global but they are considered to be near threatened by conservationists and marine biologists because of overfishing.

The average for an adult male bull shark is around seven and a half feet, and weighing around two hundred ten pounds. The largest confirmed shark was a thirteen foot, six hundred and ninety four pound female. Roque’s catch will break at least one of those records.

Have you ever caught a shark? What is the biggest fish you have ever caught? Please share your stories with us here.