Texas Man Demonstrates Creative Way To Get Slow Drivers Out Of The Left Lane [video]

Updated February 2, 2017

Safe driving is far more than a matter of common courtesy, it is an imperative for public safety. More than thirty five thousand people die on our nation’s highways every year, and it is up to each of us to to ensure not only our own safety but that of everyone around us, by following the established rules of the road and exhibiting good judgement.

Well, we just found a video that you won’t believe. This guy in Texas is flying down the highway, at a very high rate of speed. Traveling in the left hand land, he soon comes up behind a panel van that is moving too slowly for his taste. So how does this guy resolve the situation? You are not going to believe your eyes and ears when you watch this video clip.

The video was captured by a YouTuber called Machine, who used a dashcam to shoot the clip. As he is flying down the highway in the left hand lane, he soon comes up behind a panel van traveling at between sixty five and seventy miles an hour. The legal limit for this particular stretch of highway is seventy miles an hour.

That actually means that you are legally prohibited from driving faster than seventy miles an hour, not that you need to be going at least seventy miles an hour.

Well, Machine decided to call the number on the back of the van, which was a plumber’s truck. He politely asks the driver to get over because he is hogging the fast lane, and the plumber obliges him.

A few seconds after the van moves over, another pickup truck and a motorcycle fly right by the plumber as if he is standing still, and then Machine proceeds to do the same.

Machine has received nothing but praise on the internet and social media for his handling of the situation. It is almost as if people do not even understand the rules of the road anymore, with people saying things like:

“NO one should have to say anything. Its called courtesy. If more drivers would learn it, there would be a lot fewer cases of road rage. Get in the left lane, pass, and move back to the right lane, its that simple. If you are in the left lane and not passing (or turning left in short order) then you are wrong.”- Bigpappa

“it’s the same inconsiderate dopes, that for the same selfish reasons, don’t use their turn signals.”- Anon.

“The white van was passing that semi at a very slow speed, which is dangerous. The overall flow of traffic was moving much faster than the van was. You could see this, because when the van finally moved to the right, the other vehicles, which were backed up, were finally able to pass. The technical speed limit is not a justification for slowing down the general flow of traffic.”- Southstar44

“Very nice,polite,diplomatic.Always the best way to resolve potential conflict.”- Greg Pain

But at least one commenter did focus on the actual legality of the circumstance, saying:

“What a petulant child you are. 60-70 in a 70 is a reasonable speed. He was passing the semi and could see he was going faster than the semi up ahead. Why should he have to move right just to have to fight his way back into the left lane when he catches the next semi, just so you can go “fast”? It was @:52 that the white van had cleared the semi enough to move to the right and the semi have enough assured clear distance. He moved over @1:33. You are crying over literally 40 seconds! You and everyone that agrees with you are the ones that make these roads dangerous!”- Bicycle Driver

How do you feel about the guy in the video? Was he justified or does he need to cool his heels? Share your opinions with us here.