The Case Of Ghost Being Captured On Nature Camera Deep In The Woods Has Finally Been Solved

Updated May 10, 2017

It’s hard not to be scared of ghosts. There is so much mystery surrounding them and surprisingly a lot of sightings in places that you would least expect. Movie sets have even seen their fair share of ghosts, driving curiosity in viewers and skyrocketing ratings. Back in the 80s, the movie Three Men and a Baby got a lot of press for what was suspected to be a ghost in the background of one of the scenes. Whether it was true or not, people were lining up to buy the movie so they too could witness the once in a lifetime phenomenon.

So, whether you believe in them or not, ghost sightings are more common than we think they are. The most recent sighting involves a little girl in the woods. If that doesn’t sound creepy enough, maybe the rest of the story will do the trick…

A trail camera captured footage of what appears to be a ghostly little girl walking through the woods. She is wearing all white and appears to be about four or five years old and playing in the woods. The image was taken by the new owners of the wooded land in Cambridge, New York. They had recently purchased the land to go hunting on, but they are learning that the land may actually be haunted.

When the landowners were looking through their photos, they spotted the eerie image of the little girl and they immediately took it to the police department to see if they could track down an identity for her.

“I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never heard of a ghost running around the woods,” said Chief George Bell, who got a good look at the photo.

Interest in the mysterious little girl, drove paranormal experts to weigh in on the topic and they said that paranormal activity is common, given the history of the area where the photo was captured.

“We’ve experienced a lot,” said President of the Greenwich Paranormal Research Team, Tania Woodward. “We’ve been to a lot of places, especially up north.”

Since the photo has been released and shared on social media, police have received a lot of calls and emails inquiring about the photo and asking for an identity on the young girl. There is a theory about the girl in the photo though…many people believe that she is the ghost of a little girl who was hit and killed on the train tracks that once ran through the area.

While some believe that the little girl in the image is a ghost, others feel that it is simply a little girl who was caught on camera playing in the woods. But who is the mysterious little girl? The trail camera was originally set up to make sure the people didn’t walk through the area since it was going to be used for hunting. But then, the mysterious photo appeared and the landowners are concerned that there is either a missing child or an actual ghost haunting their land.

Well, one grandfather has come forward to break the bad news to everyone. This was not, in fact, a ghost but a local businessman named Chic Wilson’s granddaughter. They had gone on a hike through an ATV trail in the woods and must have triggered the camera without even knowing.

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