The Doctor Took One Look At This Ultrasound And Yelled, “Oh My God!”

Updated August 4, 2017

Before I even married my wife, we were talking about children. We had it in our heads that we were going to have a large family with four kids. Now that we have a little baby girl, we might pull back on the dream a bit, but a bigger family is certainly still in the works. Many couples dream of having children. While some women get pregnant without having to try, others need some support from their doctors. There are a number of technologies that have helped thousands of women get pregnant and build the families of their dreams. While many examples of this are rewarding,  some people have their dreams come true in very unexpected ways.

The story of Rachelle and Jayson Wilkinson is unlike anything you have ever heard before. This Texas couple was surprised when they heard some breaking news at the doctor office.

With two children already in their family, they really wanted to have a third one. But they found it difficult getting pregnant this time around. But no matter how hard they tried, they just couldn’t make it work. They worried that something was wrong with them. Nevertheless, they refused to give up.

Rachelle went to go see her neighborhood fertility expert. She was put onto a cocktail of hormones to help get her pregnant fast. Before long, it worked. Rachelle was pregnant again.

However, there was a big surprise waiting for them when they went in for their ultrasound after a few weeks. The doctor noticed two heartbeats! That mean the Wilkinsons were going to have having a set of twins. Their dreams of a three-child family were being upgraded to four kids.

Although they had never thought about twins, the family was very excited. While this would have made a happy story, this is not where the pregnancy process ends for this Texas couple.

Because Rachelle was on hormones to help her get pregnant, she discovered that she wasn’t just having twins, but something more. During her next ultrasound visit a number of weeks later, the doctor was shocked to see not two heartbeats – but five. Rachelle was pregnant with five babies at once.

Shocked at the result, the Wilkinsons did everything they could to prepare for what the stork was bringing.

Then the doctors told the family the last thing they wanted to hear. The pregnancy was at risk. The doctors did not think things would move smoothly and worried that all five babies would probably not survive.

Despite the poisonous words the doctors whispered into Rachelle’s ears, she refused to terminate even one of the tiny lives growing inside her. Although they knew they were taking a risk, the Wilkinsons knew that God was in their corner and since He had already given them five lives when they were just asking for one, they knew they had no shortage of blessings. Deciding to put their faith in God, they took the pregnancy to term – and as if by a miracle, Rachelle gave birth to five healthy babies.

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