The Internet Is Going Bonkers Over Watching Baby Try A Green Apple For The First Time (video)

Updated July 14, 2017

Parents eagerly await the day when their infant can eat solid foods for the first time. It is a major change in the infant’s development and proves that they’re growing into healthy, happy children. Parents often debate what they should offer their infant for their first solid food meal. Some decided to use canned baby food while others opt to mash up some fruits and vegetables in the blender or food processor for easier eating. But in the video below, Baby Aurora from Sioux Falls, South Dakota gets to try pureed apple for her first meal of solid food. But she is bitterly disappointed when the sour apple taste gets on her tongue.

When the video starts, you see baby Aurora donning a bid and sitting in her high chair. She’s ready to try solid food for the first time.

The child is eight-months-old when the video was shot and sits at home waiting for mom to feed her.

The woman feeding her, presumably her mother, then says, “Aurora is going to have some apple.”

When mom presents the green spoon filled with mashed up sour apple, Aurora turns away. But mom is persistent and eventually the girl gives it a try.

However, as soon as the sour taste gets on Aurora’s tongue, the child twists back in her chair and utters a strange guttural roar as she rejects the sour taste she just experienced for the first time.

After she recovered, Aurora looked at her mom in disbelief and shock. However, the woman starts laughing at the baby in an uncontrollable fit on mirth. Then she says to the disgruntled and still hungry baby, “I’m sorry for laughing at you.”

Then mom offers the baby a second bite. But the child shakes her head. Then the woman says, “It was a bit sour for the baby’s palate,” then she says “no babies were harmed in the making of this video.”

Baby Aurora would probably disagree. She wants something that tastes good for her “baby’s palate.”

Many people have laughed along with mom in this video. The baby’s reaction is hilarious and unexpected. Here are a few comments that was shared on Daily Mail:

“This is good! Kids are the funniest at times.”

“One of the best things about having kids is when you’re introducing them to solids and various flavors and watching the face expression. I’ve got a similar one from the first time my daughter tried pureed pears.”

“Looks like my first taste of beer. For some reason I still persisted though.”

“My little one pulled the same face with carrot and parsnip purée so glad I caught it on camera.”

Although the video cuts off after mom stops laughing, we’re sure that Aurora got to eat something good that day. Hopefully, she won’t develop an aversion to apples and can enjoy them later in life.

What do you think about baby Aurora’s reaction to the taste of sour pureed apples?

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