The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Photo Of Snake Hidden In Plain Sight. Can You Find It?

Updated February 9, 2017

If there is a surefire way to go viral in 2017, it is to find and post the next optical illusion or puzzle. Readers across the world love challenging their brains to figure out difficult images and quandaries. But the latest one, that comes from the Facebook group called Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, has left the internet scratching their heads in confusion – because it is just too darn difficult to figure out.

While the premise of the image is simple, the task is above most people’s paygrade. It shows six potted plants resting on six shelves. At first glance you won’t notice anything. But then the Facebook group posted this image and a question to their followers.

It is hard to fathom but one of these potted plants has a nearly six-foot snake curled up around it. Can you see the carpet python?

“BELIEVE IT OR NOT! ….. there is actually a 1.8m Carpet Python curled up behind one of these pots!” the post on their Facebook reads. “Goes to show how well they can hide. If you can see it, try sharing this on your walls and see if your friends can see it too! Well done everyone that got it right!”

If you’re like me, you’ll squint and struggle and try to find the snake, but you just won’t be able to see it. That’s because this python has found the perfect hiding spot. You might not think anything is there at all.

But when you see the close up of the plant on the top row in the middle, you will see the camouflaged snake’s form.

After the group posted the optical illusion, many people expressed their frustration at not knowing the answer. Eventually, the group figured out that no one was getting it right and they needed to post the answer.

“I am getting deja vu from when I used to stare at 3D pictures for hours and could never see anything. I have literally looked at this for 10 minutes and still can’t see the snake,” Sarah Portelli shared.

“Yesterday I posted a picture asking which of you guys could see what plant pot the 1.8m Coastal Carpet Python was hiding behind. A lot of you guessed correctly so well done! Sorry for leaving you all hanging! The answer is Top Middle!” Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7. “If you zoom in you can make out some scales between the leaves – goes to show how well a large snake can hide!”

When the answer was pointed out to the followers of the group, people started sharing insights about the snake.

“I can see a tail top middle!” one surprised person wrote.

But another wasn’t so sure, and, joking, wrote: “Still can’t see it, it will have to bite me first.”

A third wrote, “That is really incredible I could not find it no matter how long I looked. I wonder how many carpet pythons are hiding in peoples gardens on the Sunshine Coast without them knowing that they are there?”

Were you able to spot the carpet python? Or was it a challenging picture to identify?

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