The Internet Is Reveling Over Grandpa’s Response To The News His Grandson Was Born (photo)

Updated June 29, 2017

Many people celebrate the moment they officially become a grandparent. It is exciting to know that your legacy has been passed down into another generation. Grandchildren are certainly something that most people long for and desire out of their children. And for a grandparent, there is nothing quite like spoiling a grandchild. But when one new grandfather was sent a picture of his newborn grandchild, his underwhelming response had to be shared with the internet. After the new mom took a screenshot of the conversation and shared it to the social share website Reddit, it went viral. Take a look at the image and see grandpa’s response and you’ll understand why everyone is laughing!

The viral image is simple. It shows the new mom holding the newborn baby in her arms. She has shared the picture to members of her family in a group text.

But when the underwhelmed family man saw the first picture of his new grandchild, all he had to say was simply: “Ok.”

Now the internet is reveling over this man’s relaxed Clint Eastwood-esque attitude.

When the screenshot was shared to Reddit, it quickly rose up the page to become viral.

The image was uploaded by another grandchild. User DM_Me_pics_of_sloths posted the screenshot of her family text message group with the caption on Reddit that reads: “Aunt gave birth yesterday and grandpa was very excited.”

Because the grandfather’s reaction was not the excited one expected, hundreds of people commented and shared the picture with their friends.

One viewer wrote, “My older brother wanted to finish a Star Wars prequel he’d been watching at a friend’s house before coming to see our newborn little brother.”

Others believe that grandpa is not good at expressing his overflowing emotions over text.

Some came up with some wisecracks.

“Calm down grandpa.”

“When I was that age, I was already helping my parents in the fields.”

More comments came rolling in. It seems like everyone has something to contribute to this funny response.

One posted: “This was probably just his old man way of saying ‘acknowledged’ and just letting you know that he got the picture. He was probably smiling from ear to ear on the other end and showing everybody around him the picture of his grand baby.”

Another added: “Wow that’s a response that my dad would send!! I send a long message about the fun work that I’ve been doing, all I get in response is ‘cool’. Gaaaaah so infuriating.”

Some people feel the same way as grandpa. They are sick and tired of seeing people’s baby pictures.

“I feel like he’s just saying what many of us feel when we see the 10th baby this month pop up on our newsfeed,” one user wrote.

Do you think grandpa is being rightfully criticized for his way of speaking? Or should the internet let off on him and let him express himself how he does?

What do you have to say about grandpa’s response?

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