The Internet Is Sent Into A Frenzy Trying To Figure Out What Lady Is Holding, Can You Figure It Out?

Updated August 16, 2017

One photo of a couple at an exotic location is being circulated across all social media platforms. And for good reason…because everyone is confused about what exactly the woman is holding in the photo. From first glance, it looks like your average photo of a tan couple on the beach. She is wearing a tan crop top, white skirt and heels and he is wearing an outfit that seems to be color coordinated with hers…tan shorts and a black, white and tan shirt. The couple looks like they were born to be together and you can’t help but focus on their symmetrical features and fit physiques.

And then you realize that there is a tree behind them. But that tree looks as if it’s being held in the girl’s hand. Sounds impossible right?

The photo, which has been liked 40,000 times has viewers talking. Some of the guesses on what it could be that she is holding are the following:

“Her hair is covering her arm.”

“I think she has a brown handbag.”

In another baffling photo, social media users thought that an image of five snakes was actually glazed donuts. It’s a good thing they weren’t face-to-face with the snakes, otherwise, they may try to reach in and grab one hoping it was a tasty treat. If you look quickly, these oddly colored creatures really do look like a breakfast treat. The white markings on their backs look like they could be glaze on top of the light brown bodies. It’s really an optical illusion, just one that you wouldn’t actually want to mistake. Maybe if you saw them in person you wouldn’t be as tempted to eat them because they’d be slithering around the box.

The “tasty looking snakes” have proven to be a favorite optical illusion and they’ve been retweeted 14,000 times. Several commenters expressed that they were shocked when they realized the alleged donuts had eyes…red eyes no less.

Surely these types of photos will be circulating the internet for years to come and while we may never find out what exactly the tan girl in the photo is holding, it was fun trying to figure it out.

We live in a world where it is impossible to get bored. You can always find some form of entertainment on the internet, whether that be games, information or mind boggling photos like the two here.

It would be interesting to see how long it took the couple in the first photo to find out that their photo had gone viral and was being analyzed by people all over the world. If you post enough photos on social media, one of yours is bound to pick up speed and spread across platforms at some point in your life. News and trends spread fast in today’s world and it’s hard to keep up with it all since it is coming at us from all different angles. It is for this reason that people sometimes want to disconnect and get away from it all, if only for a few hours each week.