The Past Of Man Responsible For Officer’s Death Has Been Revealed. Prepare To Be Sickened

Updated December 6, 2016

A Florida sheriff’s deputy was hit and killed by a car, while in foot pursuit of a fleeing illegal alien. Now court records are demonstrating that the fleeing alien has already been deported twice.

Francisco Portillo-Fuentes, of El Salvador, was attempting to run away from Nassau County deputy Eric Oliver, when Oliver was fatally struck by a passing vehicle.

Local papers are reporting that Portillo-Fuentes was riding in the back of a pickup truck with several other men, when it was approached by US border patrol agents. He attempted to flee on foot, and sheriff’s deputy Oliver ran after him.

According to Portillo-Fuente’s defense council, Mark Rosenblum, “He didn’t do anything. Basically all he did, as I understood what they tell me, is that he ran away. And that to me is just human nature. It’s what’s called fight or flight.”

If convicted, Portillo Fuentes could face up to two years in prison and receive a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine for his part in the officer’s death.

According to a local news station, Portillo-Fuentes has a prior conviction for DUI, and has been deported back to El Salvador twice, once in 2011 and again in August of this year when the DUI conviction occurred. It has also been reported that he suffers from a third grade education and is the father of three children.

He apparently re-entered the US just three days before the tragic accident that took deputy Oliver’s life. He was able to cross the Rio Grande river.

On Monday, he plead guilty to illegally entering the country, but refused to take responsibility for his part in deputy Oliver’s death.

In an unrelated case of soft borders, we also were reminded of a recent bust in the southwest.

In a scene right out of “Breaking Bad,” customs agents at the Nogales Arizona port of entry found tortillas stuffed with a highly illegal drug.

With the help of a narcotics sniffing k9 unit, border officials seized a man trying to smuggle three pounds of methamphetamine into the US stuffed inside stacks of tortillas. The 62 year old Nogales, Arizona man was arrested as he tried to reenter the US from a trip to Mexico.

It is important to note however that the vast majority of illegal immigrants living in the US tend to keep their heads down and stay out of trouble.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, most research comparing crime rates and immigration levels across cities show no clear correlation between the immigrant share of a city’s population and its level of crime. This is one of the strongest arguments that immigrants do not have high crime rates. However, such studies generally measure only overall crime, not crimes specifically committed by immigrants, so their value is limited. And a 2009 analysis by the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Immigration Statistics found that crime rates were higher in metropolitan areas that received large numbers of legal immigrants, contradicting several older cross-city comparisons.

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