The Seven Items You Should Avoid At All Costs From The Dollar Store

Updated December 16, 2016

Dollar stores can be very beneficial for getting some of the things that you need while saving loads of cash. But, there are seven items that you will want to steer clear of when you are perusing the economical shelves. Remember…you get what you pay for.


When you want to get the little one a surprise toy, stick with the bigger department stores, because dollar store toys are basically trash. Toys that fall apart easy are more likely to be a choking hazard and let’s not forget about the tears that you will have to endure when your child’s new toy breaks in a matter of minutes.

Kitchen Knives

Considered both flimsy and dull, these dollar store knives are risky in the kitchen. Avoid them!

Electrical Cords and Devices

Dollar store devices don’t have the best track record when it comes to keeping your house safe. Since 1999, there have been several cases of faulty power strips, extension chords, and surge protectors being sold at these stores. More recently, mini holiday lights and portable heaters are amongst the unsafe items.

Shampoo and Beauty Products

While dollar stores have packaging that boasts of brand names, several consumers believe that this may be a lie and you aren’t getting what is listed on the bottle. And look closely…there is a good chance that the dollar store is trying to sell you a bottle of shampoo that is much smaller than the size you normally get. You’re better off saving up your coupons and making your beauty purchases at the drug store.

Canned and Boxed Foods

It’s hard to go wrong with canned goods and boxed foods. Especially when they have labels with brand names. But guess what?? There is a good chance that you can get an even better deal at your local grocery store. Who would’ve thought!

Bathroom Tissue

Much like the beauty products offered at the dollar store, toilet paper is often sold in smaller sizes for the same price. Also, the paper is usually made with paper that contains fewer fibers, which means less absorption and the need to use more toilet paper when your sitting on the pot.


It’s no surprise that batteries have gotten quite pricey over the years. So, the ideal thought is to get them for half as much cash at the dollar store, right? Sure, you can use them in a pinch, but don’t expect your child’s toy to run for all that long. And that will just lead to more tears, much like the broken toys that the store provides. In a test that was conducted by Rhett Allain, an associate professor of physics at Southeastern Louisiana University, Dollar General batteries were compared to Duracell and Energizer. Allain discovered that the dollar store batteries had significantly less energy and their voltage drops off much faster. Evidently, a major difference between the brands is that Dollar General batteries are not alkaline and likely zinc chloride instead.

So, instead of saving a little change, choose “quality over quantity” and head to your department store, drug store or grocery store for these seven items.