The View Hosts Thought They Could Lie To Sarah Sander’s Face, Get What’s Coming To Them

Updated September 8, 2017

The talk show, “The View,” is known for its political back and forth banter, which is why some tune into the daily morning show. Topics of discussion include pop culture and socio-political issues and the hosts are pretty set on expressing their feelings about President Trump.

These opinions didn’t change when White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders joined the show. The conversation got heated when the View hosts, Joy Behar, Barbara Walters,

It starts out with Sanders explaining the importance of the media’s role in distributing factual information.

And then Joy Behar steps and says…

“Is the media not supposed to report on the fact that 95% of what Trump says is a lie?”

The audience applauds her and even Sanders giggles a little before she responds in a professional manner with the following statement…

“The problem with that, Joy, that is — you are doing exactly what you’re talking about and pushing a false narrative. 95 percent of what the president says is not a lie.”

Behar tells Sanders that she feels sorry for her and some of the other hosts join in on Behar’s rant about the lies, but Sanders doesn’t miss a beat and responds with the following statement, which earns her a round of applause from the audience…

“I think that’s one of the dangers that we have right now is we are pushing so many false narratives every day. We are creating false perceptions about the president and, frankly, inhibiting his ability to succeed. I think America should want him to succeed. He is the president whether they voted for him or not.”

Commenters clearly had mixed opinions about the discussion…

“Not only is he the president but he’s supposed to be the president for ALL of America, not just his damn base! When he starts acting like the president for all then maybe we’ll treat him like the president.”

“Huckabee won’t be back on this show. She can’t tell the truth about her boss, and she knows that he lies a lot. I really dislike her because I detest blatant dishonesty. It’s disrespectful. The only basis people use I think to justify their obvious dishonesty is they believe their opposition is the same or worse. It’s a power play all the way. It can not win respect.”

“Sarah, stop lying and defending the indefensible. You have children who you have a moral obigation to. Don’t shame yourself in their eyes.The truth will prevail and then people like you will have no place to hide.”

And Trump supporters weighed in on how they felt about the conversation…

“The witch hunt of this man is unreal. Liberal hate nonsense. Trump has done more in his short time in office than Obama has in 8 sad destructive years.”

Several people voiced their dislike for the show and the hosts…

“Sarah’s awesome! These other women are completely clueless! Completely out of touch with reality.”

“Regardless of what you think, Trump is trying to protect our country. All these women wouldn’t say a word if Hillary got elected. She’s the biggest liar and corrupt politician ever. We would have Muslims pouring into this country. The ladies on the view have been crying since the election. There’s a reason he won and she lost. She’s been responsible for more Americans deaths that could have been prevented. I am pretty sure Trump has never had anyone murdered over committing a crime. Hillary can’t say the same. If you watch the view and agree with Joy Behar there’s a good chance that you are a dumb ass.”