Their Kids No Longer Needed Cribs. Instead Of Just Getting Rid Of Them, They Got Creative

Updated March 24, 2017

What are the most expensive things parents purchase for their babies? Usually, cribs, strollers, and car seats. Right?

These things are usually pretty expensive because they’re engineered for safety. And when you buy a good one, they last a while. And that means your kid will outgrow them before they break, leaving you with a useless piece of baby equipment that is just taking up space in your garage or attic.

But after your child outgrows them, what should you do with them? Sell them on Craigslist? Toss them in the trash? Recycle them?

The best thing would be to give them to someone in need, someone who has a baby on the way and could use all of your old baby stuff that is still useful. But if you don’t know someone in that position and need to get rid of your stuff, pronto, then watch the short video below. When you do, you’ll discover 28 creative ways to reuse your baby’s crib.

Check it out now!

In the video below from Beautiful DIY, you’ll witness what some people have done to their unused cribs. With 28 pictures of ingenious ways to re-purpose these big items, you’ll be inspired to do something with your child’s old crib.

If you don’t have another baby to give the crib to, you might as well reuse it for something.

It’s like how this mother who birthed a stillborn sold the baby’s crib at a yard sale. But the man who bought it transformed it into a memorial bench for the grieving mother.

Baby cribs are just as emotional as they are practical. Many memories are stored within the walls of that crib. When you transform your crib into a DIY project, you can bring some of those memories with you instead of just letting them slip away.

In the video, you’ll see how some parents turned old cribs into a daybed and couch. Another turned it into an arts and craft table for her son. Another parent found a way to re-purpose the old crib into a bookshelf, while yet another parent turned their crib’s old springboard into a photo board. Another parent used it to hang their pots and pans from the ceiling.

I love the creative ways these parents took something that was old, useless to them, and made something that they’ll have for much longer.

Nearly 600,000 people have watched this educational how-to video. Hundreds have left comments including:

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Giving your child’s crib a new purpose, allows it to be useful again. Plus, it gives you a way to constantly remember your child’s baby years as they continue to grow up.

Which crib redesign do you like the best? Or do you have an even better idea than these 28 in the video?

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