There Have Been A Lot Of Incredible Wedding Dances, But This One Easily Takes The Cake

Updated December 2, 2016

For a bride, her wedding day is one of the most important days of her life and there is a good chance that she started planning the event at a very young age. She goes through the day in her head multiple times, leading up to the big event, and she will do anything to make sure that the event is executed flawlessly. One of the most dreamed about parts of the wedding for the bride, is the father-daughter dance. It’s the moment that can lead even the the strongest of wedding guests in tears because it is a turning point in life and a passage into adulthood. It is the father witnessing his little girl as a grown up. For those who have strong father-daughter relationships, seeing this part of the wedding is guaranteed to stir up some tears.

Nowadays, wedding parties are known to switch up the classic traditions and it’s not uncommon for a bride and groom to exchange the slow, romantic song for a fun, entertaining dance that will leave wedding guests dancing along with them on the edge of the dance floor. Traditional wedding dances are no longer the usual, as couples have been known to bust a move to “Baby Got Back,” and musical montages from an array of generations.

But, one bride decided to switch it up during the father daughter dance. Utah bride Mikayla Phillips shocked all 400 wedding guests when she got her dad on board to create the most epic father-daughter dance of all time. Mikayla and her dad Nathan Ellison, executed a complete routine to a mix of ten different songs, all of which had meaning for them as a father-daughter pair.

 The dance starts out with Mikayla and Nathan dancing slowly to the classic song, “Butterfly Kisses.” The two of them look as sweet as can be as they slowly sway side to side, holding each other’s hands.
And then, it happens…
About one minute into the sweet and slow song, the record skips and M.C. Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This,” echoes through the dance all. The duo quickly transforms their slow dance into a much more hip version that spans the years. Nathan switches from classic dad to well-versed in hip-hop as he smoothly slides out of his jacket and throws it into the crowd. On top of the slick dance moves, the bride and her dad throw on a pair of glasses to enhance their traditional dress and tux.
It’s evident that dad has got some major moves and the two of them are enjoying every minute on the dance floor. Their moves gets more intense as the songs change from one to the other in rapid succession. The songs include: LMFAO’s “Party Rock,” and The Sugarhill Gang’s “Jump on It.” In the midst of the faster party songs, the two slow down briefly as they throw in a quick waltz to a softer song.
The crowd is obviously loving every minute of the surprise dance as you can hear their applause and hoots and hollers in the background through the entire surprise performance.