There Were Many Memorable Performances On American Bandstand, But His Easily Tops The List

Updated February 21, 2017

When Roy Orbison took the stage on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand on June 5, 1966, the world held their breath as they awaited his performance. But when he started playing the introduction to one of the most iconic songs he has ever son, the audience at the studio and the hundreds of thousands watching at home could not contain their excitement. And although it has been 51-years since he released this amazing song, people around the world keep digging “Oh, Pretty Woman.”

Originally released by Monument Records, Roy Orbison and the Candy Men skyrocketed to fame with the feel-good track.

During the height of his popularity from 1960 to 1964, Roy Orbison produced more than twenty chart-topping hits. No wonder the world was holding their breath when he stepped on stage at American Bandstand in the late-spring of 1966.

Check out this amazing performance below and see why Roy Orbison will forever be a music legend!

Besides his unusual voice, Roy Orbison had a talented knack for songwriting. His voice would fill with passion as he belted his heartfelt lyrics in front of millions over the course of his music career. But without a doubt, Orbison’s regular-guy person attracted both men and women to him in droves. Everyone could relate with Roy Orbison!

The video below comes courtesy of the official Roy Orbison YouTube channel. Since it was uploaded in 2012, more than 450,000 people have tuned in to watch it. Hundreds have left comments.

Here is what some people are saying about “Oh, Pretty Woman.”

“This was the First rock song I ever here on radio. We got our first radio station in eastern ky,  1960 something,” Danny Chavez shared.

“What a voice and vocal range! Wait, where is the auto tune and voice synthesizer? This cant be a real voice…could it? Yes, yes it is, from a time when talent and voice mattered,” user 0 32 wrote.

Barry St. Germaine assures everyone that no one will ever forget this song or Roy Orbison’s discography. He wrote, “Thanks for posting! This music will never be forgotten! I am not surprised to see all the comments of many that weren’t even born during this music era … so many appreciate the music of yesteryear. Those that grew up in the sixties were very fortunate .. life was good! I am one of those lucky guys!!”

Buckfan1969 described his childhood memories of Roy Orbison: “I remember Roy on the Ed Sullivan show when this song came out in 1964.  I was 13, and what I remember most was I really wanted to wear pegged pants like his and to have a pair of those cool boots.  I guess it was a little later when I learned to appreciate this great song of his.”

“In the 60s this was what you saw on any given Saturday afternoon. The music was incredible,” wrote Matthew Miller.

Saydee Wilson shared, “Those were great times.”

Did you listen to Roy Orbison when you were growing up?

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