These Twin Babies Hilariously Dance To The Eastenders Theme Song. They Have More Rhythm Than Me!

Updated August 5, 2016

It’s a moment that all moms dream off from the day their newborn baby is placed in their arms. It’s that tear-jerking time when their new baby looks into their eyes and smiles at them. Oftentimes, it leaves a mother in tears of joy and she will do nearly anything to keep those smiles coming. But, let’s fast forward a few months, when that baby is sitting up and starting to hold its own. This is the time when babies start to recognize things as comical and the time when they can be prompted to laugh.

All moms seem to figure out what techniques work for their babies and will perform acts of plane silliness to get their babies to smile, laugh or simply come down from a fussy fit. Bouncy motions work for some babies and subtle rocking for others. Whatever the trick, a mom is bound to make a fool of herself to get those gummy smiles to show.

Maybe it’s a legendary game of peek-a-boo that gets your babies laughter roaring or maybe it’s a silly face that captures the chuckles.

For eight month old twins Amel and Amira, it is the sound of their mother’s voice serenading them that made them both burst out into belly-wrenching laughter. When their mama hums the tune of the EastEnders theme song, both girls rock side to side while they break out into gigantic smiles and giggles galore. One of the gals seems more focused on flailing her little arms, while the other seem intent on rocking side to side, so much so that she falls over at the end of the video. It doesn’t take much for the girls to get going, as mom simply hums the tune. But the really laughter starts when she adds a few words. When mom says “Break it down,” it seems to get the girls really going. With eyes bright and smiles wide the girls get faster in their rocks and gigglier in their expressions.

The popular show that is attached to the catchy theme song involves a soap opera style cast and a plot that consists of following the lives of everyday working-class people in the East End of London.

The girls, also known as “The Twincesses,” seem to share the same sense of humor along with their matching wardrobes and hairstyles. It’s not uncommon for twins to take opposite directions in life and pull apart from one another. For example, some twins intentionally dress completely different in order to gain some sense of independence. But for these girls, at this tender point in their life, we can be certain that they most definitely share the same sense of humor.

It’s no doubt that the mom of these twin gals has a leg up on making them laugh and apparently the show tune can easily get them out of colic and fussiness. We can all hope that this trick will work when the girls hit the toddler years and break out into full fledge tantrums.