They Asked Experts To Predict What Elvis Would Look Like If He Was Still Alive. Here’s The Result…

Updated July 28, 2016

Earlier this month, Elvis fans celebrated what would have been the King’s 80th birthday. As a way to honor the legend himself, photo editing experts took it upon themselves to create an image of what Elvis would look like if he was a live today.

With the use of complicated imaging technology, the team at, employed by Sachs Media, gave Elvis fans a taste of what they’ve been missing for decades.

Check out the incredible pictures of Elvis below!

Have you ever wondered what the King of Rock and Roll would have looked like if he was still alive today?

Well, the photo experts at used the same technology law enforcement and the media use to age persons of interest. And in this case, we are all interested in Elvis!

After studying hundreds of photos of Elvis, the team crafted a series of images that depict what Presley would have looked like if he was still alive today.

“Through this series of images, we hope to honor them and evoke some of the magic they brought to millions of their fans,” Sachs CEO Ron Sachs said, according to The Boot. “Even as we ponder what wonderful new contributions they still could have made.”

Although Elvis died in 1977, his legend lives on. During his birthday this year, hundreds of people traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to pay tribute to the legend – even with the wintry weather.

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