They Claim If You Can Spot The Hidden Lion In This Photo You Have An Above Average IQ. See Answer…

Updated March 3, 2016

In South Africa, danger can be very hard to spot with the naked eye, leaving people susceptible to predators.

South African photographer, Mark Drysdale, captured a shot that makes clear how difficult it is to notice the danger of predators lurking in the distance.

While on a trip to photograph the beautiful landscapes of South Africa, photographer Mark Drysdale got a shot a lovely shot of the Serengeti Plains at a national park in Kenya.  At first glance, the picture appears to be nothing more than a serene landscape. However, Mark Drysdale decided to take a closer look.


The national park itself is gigantic in size, the photo only captures a small piece of it. It stretches from northern Tanzania across Kenya’s border and into the heart of Kenya.

It is chalk full of vegetation and wildlife, yet the wild life chooses remains hidden. In this picture a large male lion lies hidden away, looking over the Serengeti

It almost appears as if he is staring right into Mark Drysdale’s lense, while resting comfortably on a large boulder underneath the overhang of trees.


Return to the original photograph, before we zoomed it in for you, and see if you can now pick out where this predator is hiding.


Not only that, but the lion is not alone! Only a few meters away from him two more lions lay nestled up to each other, resting, on the same rock!


It is amazing how difficult it is to pick out the hidden details within this photograph. Mark Drysdale truly captured the landscape, and the predators that call it home, in one photograph!