They Found This Stranded Baby On The Brink Of Death, And Now It Looks Completely Different

Updated August 9, 2016

One of the saddest things is to look at the world and realize that there are so many animals that are suffering due to human interference and animals that have little to no chance of surviving without human aid.  This is not only extremely difficult and destructive for animal populations but is bad for humans as well because it will wreck havoc on the existing ecosystems on earth.

This is why there are so many wildlife centers and hospitals sprouting up around the world to take in, care for, and nurse animals who have gotten an unfortunate hand in the game of survival in this harsh world.

One animal hospital that has recently been getting some attention for what they have been doing is the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital because of one little visitor that they found stranded.


The wildlife hospital found a tiny baby feathertail glider that they took in due to its sheer size and need of a home.  They thought this little girl looked extremely cute so they named her Boop.  Boop only weighs less than one gram which means that she is lighter than a paper clip!  In addition, Boop has what you could call a complimentary pouch to be kept in which one of the wildlife hospital workers made out of yarn which will help keep her warm since she cannot stay with her lost mother anymore.

Boop was found on the ground because she had fallen out of her mother’s pouch, but miraculously was not injured which means that the wildlife center can care for Boop until time comes when she is big enough and can be released into the wild.  Until that day comes, Boop will be getting around the clock care and attention from all the workers there to make sure that she will make it through her journey to adulthood.

Boop will grow up to be a strong and healthy feathertail glider, which means that she has about 11 more grams of growth to go until she reaches that status.  A typical feathertail glider weighs in at 12 grams and is approximately 6.5-8 cm long.  Feathertail gliders are known to man to be the smallest gliding mammal on earth, and out of the smallest, Boop is most definitely on the small side!

Feathertail gliders also go by the name of a gliding possum or a flying mouse and typically are found in eastern Australia.  They typically live up in trees and branches and spend about 87% of their lifetime at least 15 meters above the ground.  They are mostly found in eucalyptus trees but can climb mostly anything including solid panes of glass if they really wanted to.  One of the most interesting things that these animals can do is go into a special state called torpor.  This is essentially their form of hibernation when their body drops to 36 degrees F and only uses 1% of their typical oxygen consumption to stay alive.


Typically young gliders remain in their mother’s pouch for 65 days until they set off into the world, so boop has quite a bit to go until it will be time to step out into the big wide world.