They Are The World’s First Surviving Septuplets. Here’s What They Look Like 18 Year Later

Updated March 3, 2017

As you know, time flies as a parent. One day you’re nursing your baby, the next you’re sending them off to kindergarten, and before you know it, they’re moving out, going to college or getting a job. And while these are wonderful milestones to accomplish, they can be hard for some parents to accept. It means they must let go, allow their child to soar, to reach new heights, and to become the adult they are destine to be. And sometimes the truth hurts.

It’s been almost 18 years since Kenny and Bobbie McCaughey shocked the world when they gave birth to the first ever surviving septuplets. While doctors and medical professionals thought it would be impossible for Bobbie to give birth to seven healthy babies, the family decided to go through with it. And one after the other, all seven miracles came into the world and lived to become healthy and happy babies, children, and now young adults. Now meet the family that defied the odds.

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When doctors realized that mom was pregnant with seven babies, they advised the couple to have a selective reduction because the fertility treatment had worked all too well.

But the pro-life parents knew that God had given them a gift of seven babies and they aimed to do their best to raise the family well.

Because the McCaugheys had faith in God, they refused to get an abortion and do anything to put one single life at risk. That’s why this miracle was able to happen.

In Des Moines, Iowa on November 19, 1997, America learned on this fateful day that the medical world would be changed forever. The planet’s first surviving septuplets were safely delivered. While this was a shock for medical science, it was an even bigger challenge for the McCaugheys.

Their seven babies continued to be healthy and have since grown into healthy and vibrant young adult. Now 16-years later, they are celebrating their birthday and are about to head out into the world as adults. And their parents could not be happier.

The seven children born in Des Moines, Iowa has been a miraculous experience of a lifetime for the parents. And they’re shocked how fast time has flown. After the birth, endorsements rolled in, a house was built for them, and they appeared on Oprah. The seven miracles ushered in more surprises than the family could count.

Watch the interview below to meet these wonderful young people.

As the reporter says to introduce the segment, “Teaching one teenager to drive is nerve-racking enough, can you imagine teaching seven?”

Check out the footage and you’ll discover why it is so heartwarming to hear how much this family loves each other and how great an experience it has been growing up as a unit.

What do you think about how these seven miracle babies turned out? Did their parents do a good job or what?

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