They Hear A Lady Scream, Turn Around To See Kids Frantically Digging; Jump Into Action

Updated October 6, 2017

It was the perfect day. A family had gathered once again for their family reunion on the sands of Newport Beach in California. They were having a grand old time when one man suddenly noticed something strange. And when he looked closer, he realized that it was actually a life-threatening situation gone wrong. A woman had started screaming and was running up and down the beach sand. Her 3-year-old child was missing. And she wasn’t the only mother. The OC Register admitted that at least 10 other missing child reports were filed in Newport Beach on that same sunny day. It was a conspiracy. But what was happening?

Fortunately 35-year-old Jesse Martin was there. He was surprised because no one on the packed beach was paying the screaming woman any mind. He was the only one who was willing to stand up and become a hero. So that is what he did.

“She was around like 50 people, and none of them got up to help her. It was really odd,” Martin told USA Today.

Martin enlisted the help of his twin uncles Stuart and Steve Frost, who are both 50 years old. The three men then left to join the woman and search for her 3-year-old son. They couldn’t bear the idea of the little boy going missing.

As Martin and the Frost brothers left, the remaining family members did what they could to help. In the end, the mother had a search party of 30 people helping her search for her missing toddler.

Armed with a description of the boy, they went out looking for the child who was wearing blue swim trunks. They had little else to go off of.

The family combed the beach looking for any sign of a missing child. Or an adult in possession of a child that seem scared or threatened. And they eventually noticed something strange. A group of children were playing close to the sand where the toddler had last been seen.

And that’s when Martin and his uncles had their epiphany. What if the toddler had been buried alive? It was a horrible thought, but it was a possibility.

Martin asked the playing children to leave the sandy area. And then he and his family started digging holes in the sand, desperately searching for the missing little boy.

“After a couple of big scoops I felt him under there,” Martin said.

When authorities arrived on the scene, they said that it looked like the boy had dug a hole at least 3 feet deep and had remained in there for too long – only about 3 or 4 minutes. But he was being buried alive all right.

“He was ash grey,” Stuart told USA Today, “He was dead. He was dead. So we pulled him out, and the mom was just beside herself.”

With no hope, the men started performing CPR. And he was revived.

“One of the neat things about the story is that later that day, the family came over and showed us a picture of him laughing and smiling and doing okay,” Stuart said. “I was truly a miracle.”