They Made A Huge Mistake On The Wedding Invitations And It’s Going Viral. Can You Spot It?

Updated December 2, 2016

There are so many details that a bride and groom must think of while planning the wedding of their dreams. Oftentimes, those little details add up and turn into one giant ball of stress in a time when they are supposed to be enjoying themselves and reveling in the fact that they have found each other. It’s all about perfection and making sure the flower arrangements are beautiful and delivered on time, ensuring that they cake is tasty and the music selection suits their needs. And then there are the stresses of having to coordinate and entire wedding party so that everyone is matching and shows up on time. Let’s not forget about the pesky parents that often get in the way and make unrealistic demands.The process can be daunting and often times a couple is ready to take off for their honeymoon by the time their wedding day rolls around.

Unfortunately, when they are caught up in the whirlwind of wedding planning, some of those fine details tend to get overlooked.

One couple was apparently in quite the rush when they sent out their invites, and they made a monstrous humorous mess-up on the meal card. Under the line “Please initial your choice of options,” there were the usual options…beef and pork. And then, thrown in beside the other two, there was…”child (12 and under).”

So, while some people’s eyes may have only seen beef or pork in their rush to get the card back out in the mail on time, other’s have noticed the glaringly obvious mistake on the invite and they have grown a tad concerned about children under the age of twelve being served up as one of the meal options. The invite has been spread across social media with the tagline: “I’ll have the 10-year-old please, medium rare.”

Considering the subject of the previous line was “choice of entree,” it’s obvious that a child shouldn’t be one of the options. We all know what the couple intended…place a check if you have a child attending and we will provide them with a kid friendly meal. Simple enough, right? It should’ve been, but the minor placement of words can cause some major communication flaws. All it takes is for them to be on the wrong line and categorized with the wrong group.

You can’t help but feel bad for the couple. After all, this is their wedding day, a day about them and one that will forever be cherished. We get it, they were busy, they overlooked something and we are sure that they learned from the mistake.

Unfortunately the guests will always think of the couple as the ones who wanted to serve cooked children for a meal option. Bet it was hard for the guests to maintain their composure when the meals were being served. We can only assume that there were several jokes flying around the table. Lets just hope the couple has the same sense of humor. Now that nearly the whole world knows about it, there is no hiding behind the mistake.